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Find the Mysterious Man is a mission in Up Your Arsenal taking place in the Nabla Forest on Florana. After repelling the tyhrranoid attack on Veldin, Ratchet and Clank were greeted by the Galactic President. The President requested the two find a mysterious man, the only known man to have ever faced Dr. Nefarious and lived, who had been reported to be residing in the Nabla Forest of planet Florana on an episode of Nature's Mysteries. Though Ratchet doubted the abilities of the mysterious man based on what he saw in the report, he nonetheless agreed to search Florana.

It is possible to find the Ratchet trophy halfway through the mission path.


Upon landing on Florana, two weapons become available at the Gadgetron vendor: the Plasma Whip and the N60 Storm. The Plasma Whip is a melee weapon with greater range and damage than your OmniWrench, which is useful for dispatching groups of enemies clustered together as well as medium-sized enemies, while the N60 Storm is a blaster with a high range and rate of fire. The N60 Storm is very useful against all enemies here, but likely not affordable at this stage but will be after completing the mission. The Plasma Whip is more affordable and is useful against all enemies except one, and purchasing it will not delay the N60 Storm too greatly. If purchased, the best use of the Plasma Whip is by throwing it similarly to the wrench. Either way, it is possible to beat this mission with the Shock Blaster or Nitro Launcher. The former will likely reach, or have reached, V2 by now, which allows you to hold the fire button for a vastly more powerful attack at no extra ammo cost (beyond having to fire to use it).

When beginning, you will be faced with a group of Floranian blood flies, which are minor enemies that can only attack in melee range and can easily be dispatched with either the Shock Blaster or Plasma Whip. After defeating them, head forward and then take the left path to a jackpot crate, which doubles the bolts you earn for a limited time. Smash this crate, and head into the small building behind it filled with crates, smashing them all to gain a large sum of bolts. After this, turn back and head forward, where you will encounter nabla natives. These enemies attack in melee, and are best defeated with the Shock Blaster or Plasma Whip.

Past this, a swamp monster will rise out of the water, which will spit ranged attacks and can sustain more damage. The swamp monster is best defeated using the Nitro Launcher. After this, head left into the larger building where more natives are encountered, one of which will throw a boomerang at long range; jump over the boomerang to dodge it, and otherwise defeat them with the Shock Blaster. Take the steps up left and then head right and defeat the enemies that appear, before using the ladder to climb up to the top. Defeat the three tribesmen, use the vendor to restock on ammo, and then glide down to the walkway below, defeating the tribesmen and the swamp monster.

Before heading into the next structure, you will find an inferno crate. Smash this crate to enter inferno mode, in which you will be temporarily invincible and all your wrench attacks will kill enemies in one hit. Head inside to fight a large group of natives, and after they are all defeated, a bridge will extend allowing you to proceed using the jump slot. The jump slot is climbed by jumping to the side of the wall and instantly pressing X to jump again until you reach the top. Defeat the natives here and use the zip line to head down to a native village, but not before emptying the secret area on the other side of the gap from the boxes inside.

In the native village, the Nitro Launcher can be used to defeat a large number of Floranian blood flies, nabla natives, and the two swamp monsters that appear. After this, a drawbridge will extend, revealing a ladder. Climb the ladder to the top and use the zip wire to commence a short cutscene, completing the mission. The story continues in "Walk the PATH OF DEATH!".

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