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Find the Focus Lab is a mission in Ratchet & Clank, taking place at the Gadgetron Headquarters on planet Kalebo III. After Ratchet failed to stop the Deplanetizer from destroying Novalis, he returned home to Veldin. However, Clank persuaded him to return to the Galactic Rangers to stop Alonzo Drek from destroying another planet. Upon entering a Class-g Star Jumper, he heard out Elaris' plan, which involved using a Hologuise to sneak aboard the Deplanetizer. In order to obtain it, Ratchet and Clank needed to travel to the Gadgetron Headquarters on Kalebo III, though upon reaching said location, they found it overrun by the blarg.


Use the Thrusterpack to turn the bolt crank, making the path on the right available, then head to the path on the right. This will enter Weapons Testing Lab A, where you will begin a top-down combat sequence; use the Right analog stick stick to rotate around and aim. As you cannot aim properly, the Pixelizer or Pyrocitor are the easiest weapons to use here, though you cannot go wrong summoning Mr. Zurkon for added firepower. Gadgetron test dummy enemies will appear using a flamethrower; destroy them and the exit to the room will open, allowing you to proceed outside the lab.

Take the elevator up to find a group of blarg elite commandos and blarg troopers; defeat them all, then look right to see a forcefield. Shoot the green button and the enemies that appear, then hover down with the Thrusterpack to the next area. Here, you will find a large warbot and bladeballs. One strategy to defeat them is by using the Proton Drum in front of you to clear out approaching bladeballs, and the Glove of Doom to send Agents to destroy the warbots behind. Once cleared, you will enter Weapons Testing Lab B, the Pyrocitor room. As before, use the Pixelizer or your own Pyrocitor against the test dummies that appear, and move on once the room is cleared.

Out here, blarg heli-commanders will appear while blarg bombthrowers will throw bombs at you from range. Destroy the heli-commanders and some bombthrowers with a ranged weapon, and then use the Swingshot to cross and throw the Glove of Doom to destroy any remaining bombthrowers. Use the bolt crank with the Thrusterpack to turn this platform and allow you to reach the next area with the Swingshot. Cross and head down, destroying the bladeballs and the blarg generators, and an elevator will head down with two blarg elite commandos. Defeat them and take the elevator up. Before you proceed, head behind you and use the Thrusterpack to cross to the ledge, where you will find a gold bolt. Obtain it, then turn back to find a short grind rail. Take it across, defeat the bladeballs and blarg generators, and the two blarg elite commandos that arrive, then head inside. This will take you to Weapons Testing Lab C, the Fusion Grenade test lab, though no actual enemies will appear and only sheep will arrive out. Head through to the next area.

This area contains a large group of enemies across two platforms separated by a bridge, with the destination being the third platform on the end. As you head outside, a blarg armored transport will bring reinforcements, including two blarg space commandos. Defeat the blarg armored transport and nearby enemies with ranged weapons, while summoning Mr. Zurkon to defend against any bladeballs. Then, cross the bridge and defeat the large group of enemies here. Take cover behind the box and destroy them before crossing. When you do, you will enter the Weapons Firing Range, as a large group of test dummies arrive. Defeat them with the usual weapons (consider also using the Glove of Doom to clear them out) and you will reach the office of Wendell Lumos. Speak to him to commence the next mission, "Win the hoverboard race".