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Trophy: The Rescuer
Complete "Find someone to help you repair your ship" Bronze

Find someone to help you repair your ship is a mission in Ratchet & Clank, taking place in the Tobruk Crater on planet Novalis. After Ratchet and Clank crash-landed in Mr. Micron's ship, they had to look for parts to repair the ship with. The two visited the waterworks near their ship to find the Plumber.

The mission "Defend the planet" must also be completed for this mission to be fully complete, though it can be completed before or after finding the Plumber.

Completing this mission will unlock the bronze trophy The Rescuer.


After using the Gadgetron vendor to refill ammo and purchase any additional raritanium upgrades or new weapons, approach the tunnel to the right of your ship. It leads to a large passageway with water quickly flowing in your direction. This forces you to jump across a few rocks and hydraulic platforms. At the end, through a doorway, you encounter peckbots, small enemies that only attack in melee range. Defeat them with any weapon, then you will reach jump slots. These are two glowing walls right next to each other that you can wall jump across. To do this, jump towards on wall, and Ratchet will latch onto it, then jump again for Ratchet to jump to the next. Rather than stopping when you see the doorway, keep wall jumping to the top. This will reveal an area with a holocard set. Grab it and then return, and wall jump again to reach the doorway with ammo crates in front of it, then enter the following room.

Here you will encounter blarg troopers who attack you from across a small but steep gap of flowing water. After defeating your foes here, take the hydraulic platform up to a larger room, which contains two gaps of flowing water in between. You will also encounter blarg troopers and another new enemy, the birdbot, which fires ranged bombs at you. Shoot down the blarg troopers, then leap across the first gap to the middle area and turn the bolt crank here to activate the hydraulics platforms at the end of the room. Once activated, defeat any remaining enemies, then jump across to the third section. Climb the hydraulics to reach a thin walkway above the room. Follow it to the final room while fending off a group of peckbots. You will be led to a room where you will find the Plumber. He will offer you an infobot that contains coordinates to Aleero City on Kerwan. After the Plumber slides down the sewer pipe, follow him by doing the same thing, and you will back at your ship.

If you have already completed "Defend the planet", the Plumber will repair your ship. If not, complete "Defend the planet", and your ship will be repaired, giving you the ability to travel to Kerwan and other available planets. You may also choose to complete the optional mission "Search the caves for hidden treasure".