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Find and confront the thief is a mission in Going Commando taking place in the frozen base, Siberius. After tracking down the Unknown Thief to a base on Siberius, Ratchet and Clank fought through waves of Megacorp security robots in order to retrieve the Experiment.

A skill point and two platinum bolts can be obtained during this mission.


No new weapons are available from the Megacorp vendor here. It is a very good idea, if you have not already, to purchase the Synthenoids for this mission, as the added firepower will prove very helpful. The enemies here will be very challenging, and the Synthenoids are definitely useful for the following planet, so they are a worthwhile purchase. Immediately following this mission are several mandatory missions in which you will not be able to use the ship, so consider completing hoverbike racing challenges, Feltzin System space challenges, and any remaining Galactic Gladiators challenges now if you have not already done so.

First path

The path is very linear, and along the way you will encounter PX6 BladeBalls. These are simple to defeat with the Miniturret Glove or the Sythenoids. Both of which can also support you against the two Megacorp Security Robot I - Chainsaw v2.0 robots and two Megacorp Security Robot II - Flamethrower v2.0 robots behind them. Unlike those you previously fought, these are tougher, taking more hits to go down, and will deal more damage. The flamethrower MSRs have traded in their flamethrowers for ranged attacks, allowing them to shoot fireballs from a distance. Use the Seeker Gun or Blitz Gun against them, with added firepower from either the Miniturret Glove or Sythenoids.

Take the bridge across and you will encounter many more MSRs; the same strategy applies against them. Keep going across the bridge and take an elevator down to the right, and kill the MSRs here. Use the Heli-Pack across to the iceberg platform, and deal with the BladeBalls, then cross to find a dropship warping in more MSRs. This dropship can actually be destroyed, using the Seeker Gun or Pulse Rifle, while the MSRs can be dealt with the standard way. Keep going forward, use the vendor to stock up on ammo, and then head inside the giant truck. This begins the next part of the mission.

Cargo truck convoy and second path

As soon as you enter the cargo truck, a door in front of you will open, and a large group of chainsaw MSRs will come through. After defeating them, a hatch will open, and you can use the Swingshot to reach the next truck. The Swingshot is used fairly commonly for this bit, so keeping it in your Quick Select for this mission may be worthwhile. On top of the next truck, you will fight more BladeBalls and MSRs; After a time, the Thief will fly in on a hoverboard, firing a powerful laser pistol against you. Dodge his attacks, and use the Seeker Gun against them, which is quite effective due to its rapid fire and homing attacks. After sustaining some damage, they will leave, and you can use the Swingshot to enter the hatch into the next truck.

Once again, defeat the enemies in here, and use the Swingshot to the next truck, and then after dealing damage to the Thief again, the truck crashes, leading to the next segment. The next path is fairly short. Head up and take the ladder on the right, dealing with the next few enemies as you go. You will reach a vendor; use it to stock up on ammo, then head across a bridge to a short cutscene followed immediately by a boss fight.

Unknown Thief battle

The Unknown Thief flies on a hoverboard, and will circle the arena, charging up a pistol that will fire a powerful straight blast that deals significant damage. The pistol is best dodged by strafing and sideflipping, as it only targets the ground below you. Throughout the fight, as the Thief keeps taking damage, dropships will arrive to warp in more MSRs to aid the Thief. The Thief can also throw small red grenades that explode into shockwaves, forcing you to jump, or throw a pair of bombs that slowly home in on you, forcing you to destroy them. Lastly he can also activate four machinegun turret on the main platform, which are all located near the edge of the platform, in a cardinal direction, facing inwards. The Seeker Gun will not register them, but they only make the inner area inaccessible, allowing you to destroy them from the safe area near the edge of the platform.

The Synthenoids will be useful as back-up, with the Miniturret Glove and Seeker Gun being the primary damage dealers. There is no reason not to lay down as many miniturrets as you can use at once, as they will make short work of any reinforcements and the Thief himself. The Seeker Gun remains useful as the sole anti-Thief weapon, as though the Thief has mobility in the air, he cannot move fast enough to dodge its homing missiles. This fight is relatively simple, but avoid falling into the water below when strafe dodging the attacks.

After the battle, a series of cutscenes commence, automatically leading to Tabora, with the mission "Meet with Mr. Fizzwidget".

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