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Find a way to the Thugs-4-Less Jamming Array is a mission in Going Commando, taking place in the Maktar Resort, Maktar Nebula. Abercrombie Fizzwidget informed Ratchet that the Unknown Thief had been seen on the Maktar Resort, and that the Thugs-4-Less, hired by the Thief, had towed a moon-sized jamming array into the Maktar Resort's orbit, which was interrupting the Galactic Gladiators broadcast. Ratchet went to try and disrupt it.

"Find a way to the Thugs-4-Less Jamming Array" is one of two missions available upon reaching the Maktar Resort, along with "Win the Arena Battle". The Tractor Beam must be obtained from the mission "Explore the swamp ruins" first.


After landing in the Maktar Resort, a ramp from where your ship lands leads down to a platform making up part of a walkway, with an immediate fork. After defeating the Thugs-4-Less Brute and Megacorp Chickenbots, take the right path for this mission, or the left path for "Win the Arena Battle". At the Megacorp vendor, no new weapons are available, and unless you have completed a few Galactic Gladiators challenges, the Blitz Gun cannot be afforded.

The right path is a short walkway leading to a building. Defeat the Chickenbots and use the Tractor Beam to move the large pillar blocking the entrance to the building. To progress through this building, you will have to use the Tractor Beam to move the Inspector Bot over the pads on the floors. Use the Inspector Bot to unlock the first door, and head to the tunnel. Here, you will see a small, red bomb that can be moved by the Tractor Beam to destroy gates, but you must move it in time or it will blow up before you can get to your target. In the tunnel on the right in this room, destroy the Chickenbots first, and then go back to grab the bomb with the Tractor Beam, and use it to destroy the gate to enter the next room.

This next room is much larger and has a raised floor up at the top with a door leading outside. The challenge here is getting the Inspector Bot up to the top floor, as it cannot use the ladder. Kill the Brute here, and then use the Tractor Beam to pull the Inspector Bot into the catapult at the center of the room. When attached, aim the Inspector Bot to the platform at the top, then pull backwards by strafing and moving back, and it will be flung upwards onto the pads, granting you clearance. Hit the slot machines here for a chance at some bolts and ammo.

Defeat the Chickenbots and Brute through this tunnel to reach a small room with a fork. Head down the fork on the left, jumping across the glass platforms, to reach a small room. Grab the bomb with the Tractor Beam and head across the tunnel. Use the bomb to destroy the gate, and then you will be back outside.

Here, you will reach a landing pad with a limo that takes you to the Thugs-4-Less jamming array. It cannot be reached until you destroy the forcefield. The challenge here is to use the bomb on the catapult to destroy the four forcefield generators, two on either side of the forcefield. Destroying the upper left and upper right generator is relatively easy; simply align the catapult to them horizontally, then pull back as far as possible to destroy them. For the lower left and right generators, it is more difficult. Aim the catapult towards them, and then pull back half of the way before they would be flung completely. When half way back, press Circle to let go of the Tractor Beam and destroy them.

Enter the limo to travel to the jamming array, commencing "Destroy the signal transponders".