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Meet with Mr. Fizzwidget and Find a way out of the underground tunnels are missions in Going Commando taking place in the mining area, Tabora. After retrieving the Experiment from Siberius, Abercrombie Fizzwidget asked Ratchet and Clank to meet him on Tabora, an abandoned Megacorp mining facility. Upon arriving, however, Fizzwidget crushed their ship and shortly afterwards, ejected them into one of the area's underground tunnels, in what appeared to be an accident. Along the way through the tunnels, Ratchet obtained the OmniWrench 10000.

This mission is the only time you visit these underground tunnels in Tabora. It commences immediately after "Find and confront the thief", and the player loses access to the Star Explorer and cannot leave the world until after it is completed.


Two new weapons become available at the Megacorp vendor: the Lava Gun, and the Bouncer. The Bouncer is an extremely powerful weapon that fires large bombs with drop several small bomblets upon impact and can do great damage both to single targets and large groups, though it is completely unaffordable at this stage. The Lava Gun, on the other hand, is a powerful weapon that fires a continuous stream of lava which can prove devastating against smaller targets. It is likely not affordable for this mission, but if not it will prove quite useful

When you start, it is helpful to deploy the Synthenoids and keep them up, as they will provide additional firepower against the large enemy numbers. The first enemies you encounter are a group of spitting dune crawlers, which are armored enemies that will spit poisonous gas with a short range. These are best dealt with using the Seeker Gun or Blitz Gun. The mutant sandflies are similar to te mutant fireflies fought on Oozla, but slightly more durable and deal more damage; allow the Synthenoids to take care of them. Keep following through the tunnel and jump over the lava (it will instantly kill you if you touch it), and engage the large group at the room at the end. The Miniturret Glove will be very useful as well to handle the crawlers that the spawner creates while you focus on taking it out, jump up the ledge on the right afterwards.

Keep going through the tunnel and use the aforementioned weapons to proceed, and you will reach a room with three islands separated by lava. Deal with the enemies from a distance before jumping to the islands, then take the path on the left and jump across the platforms to get to a cavern that is higher up in the tunnel. Here, a cutscene will commence, and you will obtain the OmniWrench 10000, which is much stronger than the last. While using your wrench is now viable against the enemies, it is still not worthwhile when compared to just using your other weapons, as your other weapons level with use.

Use the vendor to stock up on ammo, then jump up the ledge and take the linear path forward, following the path around the tunnel up to the next tunnel. The path is littered with spitting dune crawlers, so use the weapons of your choice to deal with them. Eventually, you will need to use the Swingshot to cross a gap, kill the enemies, Swingshot again, and then glide all the way down to the exit. A cutscene will commence, after which you can take the elevator shaft to the next missions, "Find a ship" and "Explore the area".

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