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Find a new ship is a mission in Ratchet & Clank. After leaving planet Veldin, Ratchet and Clank crashed shortly there-after on planet Novalis, landing near Tobruk Crater. Clank suggested acquiring a new ship from one of the inhabitants, which they did after meeting with the Novalis Chairman, who assumed they were mercenaries or assassins. However, after the two explained to him they were just in need of a new ship, the Chairman gave them one, as well as an infobot.


Before taking the elevator platform to the grounds below, access the nearby Gadgetron vendor. Vendors are used to purchase new weapons, as well as ammunition, which is recommended to do so right now for the Bomb Glove. The only available weapon, the Pyrocitor, is likely too expensive to purchase at the moment (though is almost certainly available upon completing any of the available missions). To continue the mission, take the elevator down and head left. birdbots and peckbots will stop hovering and flying in the air as you get closer, descending to a position on the ground. The former are large yellow robots that rapidly fire bombs (similar to those from the Bomb Glove) from a fixed position with a fixed range. The latter are small and will attack with numbers, using slightly erratic movement to close the distance.

Dispatch of any birdbots in the area with the Bomb Glove, which has superior range compared to their own weapons, or make use of maneuvering and take them down with the OmniWrench. A simple combo strike (Square + Square + Square) is sufficient for any group of peckbots. After defeating all enemies, breaking all crates, and collecting all bolts, head up the steps on the far left and defeat another birdbot at the top, then head into the structure connecting to the bridge.

Upon approaching the bridge, a fighter jet will swoop by and destroy parts of it, forcing you to take precautions to avoid falling through (though doing so will not result in death). Several birdbots will also land here, further attempting to halt your progress. Continue forward to exit the bridge, and take a right down a staircase. You will encounter several more birdbots, with a large group of peckbots further ahead. Past them is a large crater and upon entry, a spaceship guarded by three more birdbots descends from the sky. Defeat the last few enemies to finish the mission, followed by meeting Agnogg Buckwash and obtaining a new ship, along with an infobot with coordinates to planet Kerwan. A bridge leading back to the starting area will open up.

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