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Trophy: Off To The Races‎
Complete "Help Skidd get to his ship" and "Find Skidd's Agent" Bronze

Find Skidd's Agent is a mission in Ratchet & Clank. After Ratchet and Clank arrive on Aridia searching for Skidd McMarx, they learn that his agent, Don Wonderstar, was separated from him, and the two resolve to help him.

This mission can be completed before or after "Help Skidd get to his ship". However, both must be completed before the infobot to Rilgar can be acquired.

Both this mission and "Help Skidd get to his ship" must be completed to unlock the bronze trophy Off To The Races.


As with "Help Skidd get to his ship", the Proton Drum or Pyrocitor are recommended if not already purchased. Raritanium upgrades to the Combuster and the Fusion Grenade are useful, as these weapons are effective against both the sandsharks and the constructorbots here.

From the starting area, follow the shore of a large lake of mud across and head for the McMarx Sports Shack. Along the way, you will encounter sandsharks, enemies that swarm in melee range, and constructorbots, robotic enemies which fire short flamethrower blasts to the ground that sweep across the ground reaching medium range in front of them. Throwing Proton Drums or using the Pyrocitor can clear out the former, while the latter are better defeated with the Combuster or Fusion Grenade. After this, use the elevator to enter the McMarx Sports Shack, and once inside, head right to follow a linear path along conveyor belts and platforms to another elevator platform taking you back down to ground level, destroying constructorbots along the way.

Once at ground level, cross the pool of mud and climb on a ledge. Jump off the opposite side of the ledge to reach the holocard set, then climb back on the ledge, jump up to the higher ledge here, and pass through either of the two tubes. Get to the end of them, and grab the glowing ledge. Shimmy across the ledge using the Left analog stick stick in the desired direction. Eventually, you will find a series of ladders. Climb these to reach the top of the construction site, and exit onto a small patch of land. Here, you will find Skidd's agent attacked by a group of blarg troopers. Defeat them and the arriving reinforcements, including a blarg heli-commander, and Skidd's agent will speak to you, finishing the mission.

If "Help Skidd get back to his ship" was complete, the two will return to Skidd's ship, and be granted an infobot to Blackwater City on Rilgar, an advertisement for the hoverboard race. If you have not yet completed "Locate the gadget inside the McMarx Sports Shack", do so before leaving the planet.