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Find Skidd is a mission in Up Your Arsenal taking place in Obani Draco. Having left Skidd McMarx on Obani Pollux to work out the lock for the third moon, Skidd was then kidnapped by Courtney Gears. Ratchet traveled to Gears' hideout on Obani Draco to find him.


This mission involves little combat aside from a few scoutbots that pose a minor threat, which can be dispatched using any weak weapon. Therefore, do not worry about making a purchase at the Gadgetron vendor just yet.

When you land, head across the bridge, using the Heli-Pack to cross gaps, and reach a grav-ramp tunnel. Follow it to reach a room with a few grav-ramp bridges required to cross it, which can be rendered inaccessible due to the pink lava-like liquid that rises and covers parts of it. Wait until the liquid descends to cross, and wait again to cross the next one, and you will reach another tunnel. In this tunnel, you have to walk around it to dodge the red electricity, and the fireballs that pulsate around the tunnel by jumping over them.

Eventually, you will reach a spiraling grav-ramp through a rotating tunnel, which ends in a large room with a disco ball in the center. Head to the tunnel directly below the disco through the next tunnel, to reach another room with rising pink liquid. As before, wait for it to descend before crossing each portion, and then jump over the hazards in the final tunnel to reach the end.

A cutscene will commence, and the mission continues in "Beat Courtney Gears".

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