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Find Skid's agent and Bring prize to agent are missions in Ratchet & Clank. After buying an infobot from a mechanic and watching Skidd McMarx and Skid's Agent crash landing on Aridia, Ratchet and Clank eventually found the latter, who then asked them to fill in for his missing race star and win the hoverboard race on Rilgar.

After winning the hoverboard race, Ratchet and Clank returned to Skid's Agent, and as requested, showed him the prize of the Hovercon Intergalactic Hoverboard Competition. The agent was elated with this, and rewarded Ratchet with a Sonic Summoner. Afterwards, he promptly left, saying "I'll have my people call your people!".


The nearby Gadgetron vendor holds no new weapons, though the Blaster or Bomb Glove is recommended for the new constructorbot enemies encountered throughout. The few sandsharks are no matter for the Pyrocitor, but the constructorbots out-range it with their own flamethrower, though regardless it is otherwise easy to dodge and they are a simple foe for any ranged weaponry. Do beware of their tendency to drop in from above when you interrupt their welding work.

From the starting area, follow the shore of a large lake of mud on your right and head for the compound in the distance. Once inside, head right and follow the fairly linear path to a second elevator platform that takes you to ground level, fighting several constructorbots as you proceed. A nearby ledge can be grabbed and climbed without the need for the Heli-Pack from Metropolis. Past a few enemies is another ledge that is to be traversed and climbed, allowing you to reach the top of the construction site. You will emerge on a small patch of land at the other end of the mud lake, with Skid's Agent waiting nearby.

Upon acquiring the desired prize for the "Bring prize to agent" mission, simply return here to finish it.