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Find Mr. Fizzwidget is a mission in Going Commando that takes place in Silver City, Boldan. Having learned from Angela Cross that the experiment, now named the Protopet, would be sold around the Bogon Galaxy by Megacorp as a pet, in spite of being dangerous, the two resolved to try to speak to Abercrombie Fizzwidget one last time. Fizzwidget, according to a commercial, would be present on Boldan to give the first samples of the Protopets for free. Angela believed it to be impossible, but nonetheless helped them by providing coordinates to Boldan.

It is possible to obtain two platinum bolts during this mission, as well as a nanotech boost, though the third bolt on the same path cannot be obtained until after the mission is complete.


When you land on Boldan, the mission "Open the main entrance" must be completed first. No new weapons are available in the Megacorp vendor, and it is recommended to complete "Explore Silver City" and purchase some mods at the end. Most of this mission will involve combat, and the main three enemies are the Thugs-4-Less Elite Henchman, Thugs-4-Less Brute Class II, and Megacorp Chickenbot v2.0. Each of these are more resilient and more powerful versions of previous enemies fought.

Both Thugs-4-Less enemies will fire a fast laser blast and briefly reload before firing another. They deal significant damage, have thick armor, and come in great numbers, often relying on ambush tactics or using destructible blocks as cover. The Spiderbot Glove with the Acid Mod is useful against both thugs, as it allows you to avoid them entirely and bypass their cover. The Minirocket Tube and Plasma Coil are useful for long-range single-target engagements, while the Bouncer and Hoverbomb Gun provide large-scale mid-range damage. Lastly the recently acquired Sheepinator is useful against the Chickenbots, although the Synthenoids and Lava Gun are adequate as well.

From the main entrance, the mission is begun by taking the path towards a building (up the stairs and left from where the ship lands, or simply straight ahead from the end of "Open the main entrance"). Along the path are several Thugs-4-Less enemies that hide behind cover. Fight through them, and inside the building, the path forks left and right. The left path is a dead end, but contains several enemies and bolt crates, but presents a large open area and several thugs in waiting on all sides.

The right path leads forward onto a street. Defeat the enemies blocking the elevator, being careful of the hidden group in the far-right corner. Take the elevator up and defeat the enemies along the way (a group will ambush you from a side passage right away) to another elevator leading down, then head through the linear path defeating enemies on the way until you reach an elevator (once again being guarded by a large group of thugs using cover) going up near the top of the clock tower building, where a continue point is reached, and both an armor and weapons vendor are available, as well as a taxi back to the landing pad.

The Duraplate armor is available now, for 100,000 bolts. It provides only 17% extra damage reduction over the Tetrafiber armor, but should be purchased if that has not yet been, or if you have been having difficulty with the enemies thus far. The enemies will only become more challenging and increase in number, so purchasing the armor may be more beneficial than purchasing a new weapon. If you are still having difficulty, and cannot afford the armor, use the taxi to return to your ship and then complete previous challenges, or return to Tabora for more desert crystals.

When you are prepared, on the right corner at the end of the room is a balcony, and stepping on this will take you to the side of the tower with the Gravity Boots allowing you to walk down it. Kill the enemies that come from the windows (odds are that any damage knocks them off), and the bottom right window will open up to grav-ramp. Here, before heading down to fight the enemies below, use a ranged weapon to defeat all the enemies on the other side of the room before progressing forward and handling those below. Take another grav-ramp up to where the thugs where, and then use an elevator to the top of one of the towers. Again, defeat the enemies from a distance before using the Swingshot to get across. When reaching the large corkscrew-shaped grav-ramp, defeat the enemies as they run along it, causing them to fall to their deaths below.

The rest of the mission is mostly a linear path. As usual, kill enemies along the way before advancing too far forward, and make frequent use of cover. Eventually, you will reach a Mr. Fizzwidget robot, and a cutscene comments leading to the next mission, "Free Ratchet from prison cell".