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Find Captain Qwark is a mission in Up Your Arsenal, taking place in Qwark's hideout, Thran Asteroid Belt. After playing the fifth Qwark vid-comic, The Shaming of the Q, Ratchet and Clank realized that Captain Qwark had returned to his hideout on the Thran Asteroid Belt after fleeing the Leviathan crash. The two traveled to the belt to investigate.

The Gadgetron PDA is available on an optional segment after landing on the Thran Asteroid Belt. Along the main path, the skill point "Break the Dan" can be obtained halfway, as well as a titanium bolt, and the Qwark trophy.


Though no new weapons are available at the Gadgetron vendor, Slim Cognito will contact you to inform you to that the Bouncer has gone on sale. Consider visiting him on Aquatos to pick it up, as the weapon is incredibly useful. Additionally, from where your ship lands, instead of taking the path forward, you can complete an optional segment by taking a set of steps located just behind the ship to a grav-ramp path. This path is mostly straight-forward, requiring you to dodge lasers and traps while walking with the Gravity Boots. At the end you can buy the the Gadgetron PDA for an expensive 250,000 bolts, which lets you purchase ammo from anywhere. It involves little combat.

For the main path, from where the Star Explorer lands, head across the platform that takes you over ice water (an instant kill if you fall in). Here, you will fight lawn ninjas. These are relatively weak enemies that only attack in melee range, and can be defeated using any sufficiently weak weapon you have yet to level. After this, equip the Warp Pad and stand on a warp point, a circle in the center of the elevator at the back, and press Triangle. Next, stand on the button near the back to raise the elevator, and when it reaches the top, press Circle to warp to the elevator, and carry on forward.

The next portion is a combat segment. A lawn ninja generator will repeatedly spawn lawn ninjas until it is destroyed; destroy it with any weapon and then defeat the lawn ninjas. Past this, a few Qwark bots will appear. These are more challenging enemies which are well-armored. They fire long-ranged attacks in bursts before reloading to fire again. The Bouncer is very useful against them, as it will continue to damage their armor and will also damage nearby Qwark bots, while the Annihilator, Disc Blade Gun, Flux Rifle, and Rift Inducer are viable alternatives. Either way, it is crucial to remain behind cover and continue to dodge their lasers. Do not engage them in melee range, as their punches are just as deadly. After defeating these enemies, jump up the ledge at the end, activate the warp point just in front of the green forcefield, stand on the button behind to turn off the forcefield, then warp to it and proceed forward to reach a Gadgetron vendor and a continue point.

Take the zipline down to an area with several Qwark bots. This area is much more difficult, as you will be slipping on the ice. Try to remain behind cover, continue to side flip often to avoid attacks, and consider using the Agents of Doom or Miniturret Glove for backup. Climb the ladder and then use the Hypershot to cross to the next island, where more Qwark bots are fought, and after this, a gate opens to a short lake with a versa-target across, and two blocks of ice. Jump onto the first block and use the Hypershot to attach to the versa-target at the end, then proceed forward and glide down to the next island.

On the final island, defeat several more Qwark bots and lawn ninjas that appear on the way. Eventually, you will reach a blue forcefield, behind which Qwark is located. As you cannot access this now, head right and press Triangle. This will send Clank into the underground caverns, beginning the next mission, "Unlock the Forcefield".

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