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Find Angela is a mission in Going Commando taking place in the Tundor Wastes, Grelbin. While searching the warehouse in the distribution facility on Smolg, Ratchet and Clank received a balloon-a-gram transmission from Angela Cross, sent from her home on Grelbin. The transmission asked them to come meet her, and also stop the Protopet infestation near her house. When they first arrived, they were unable to reach her home, though after acquiring the Hypnomatic from the Hypnotist on Damosel, they were able to use the Hypnomatic to control Receiver Bots through a factory and reach her home shortly after.


This mission can only be completed after finishing "Bring Hypnomatic parts to Hypnotist" on Damosel. One of these Hypnomatic parts is on Grelbin, so if you have not completed it, complete the mission thread starting with "Bring Moonstones to Mystic" first, and return once you have the Hypnomatic.

This mission is begun by entering the elevator to the factory, found on the right at the start. When you take the elevator, you will find the room impassable, though there is a Receiver Bot on the other side. Use the Hypnomatic to control it, giving you thirty seconds with it. Jump up as the Receiver Bot and a force field blocks your way forward; use Circle to control another Receiver Bot and proceed. Use the blasters to destroy the other Receiver Bots that attack you, as any damage you take as the Receiver Bot will reduce the amount of time you can control it. When you reach the gap at the end, control the next Receiver Bot in the next path and eventually take it forward to a switch, which will activate platforms in the first room for you to jump across as Ratchet.

As Ratchet, take the platforms up right to another room, and destroy the hostile Receiver Bots, then use the Hypnomatic on the next Receiver Bot behind another force field. As this Receiver Bot, head forward and take the elevator down to another area, then control the Receiver Bot behind the force field on the left. Take this forward, then control the next Receiver Bot and use it to activate a switch filling the rooms with water and opening the first force field. As Ratchet, swim along the same path the Receiver Bots took, and then eventually swim up in the last room and reach an elevator allowing you to head outside.

Once you are outside, head right to Angela's home and defeat the Protopets, after which a cutscene will commence. You will receive coordinates to Yeedil, for the final mission "Break into Megacorp Headquarters". If you need to ensure you are prepared, consider obtaining more moonstones on Grelbin first to have enough bolts to upgrade your armor or purchase new weapons.

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