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Film a Secret Agent Clank Episode is a mission in Up Your Arsenal taking place in Lot 43, Holostar Studios. After meeting up with Courtney Gears on Annihilation Nation to ask her about her connections with Dr. Nefarious, Gears was utterly uninterested in talking to Ratchet. However, she seemed interested in Clank, and wished to star in an episode in his show, Secret Agent Clank. Clank agreed to on the condition that she impart more information about Dr. Nefarious, and therefore return to Lot 43 at Holostar Studios to film an episode.

The skill point "Feeling Lucky?" can be obtained during this mission, but there are other chances to obtain it later.


At the beginning, Clank fights a group of mini-ninja henchmen. These are fairly small enemies that attack Clank by lunging towards him with a sword, and backflip just after attacking, making them slightly harder to keep up with. Keep throwing punches to keep up with them, and eventually you should defeat them all. Head forward and destroy the device at the doorway to disable the lasers, and then jump across to reach a set of slot machines. Consider using the slot machines for bolts by punching them to see what option they land on, though they are otherwise unnecessary and can be ignored. Destroy the second laser generator to make the path across safe.

Head forward to find Skrunch running from five mini-ninjas. Defeat them, stand on the elevator, and fire the banana at the switch so Skrunch will stand on it allowing you to rise. Wait a few moments, and stand on the switch at the top of the ledge so Skrunch can rise, and pick up the gadgebots. Head forward to find the bridge is inactive, and fire the banana gun so Skrunch will stand on the switch on the opposite side. Jump over the laser and destroy the laser generator, then command the gadgebots to follow. Destroy the ninjas in here, and then jump over the platforms at the end to complete this part of the mission.

Terror of Talos

Terror of Talos boss fight.

For this boss fight, you are placed in control of Giant Clank. Giant Clank's moveset is similar to normal Clank, though Circle can fire rockets, and Triangle can throw energy bombs. Giant Clank can also strafe by holding L2 or R2, which is useful.

The Terror of Talos has a similar moveset to Giant Clank. It will mainly fire laser blasts from its arm-mounted cannons, which do considerably more damage than Giant Clank's rockets but can be jumped over, and in close quarters, will throw punches. It can also breathe fire at Clank, though this attack can be jumped over. It can also fly and follow Clank, and will do so periodically until dropping for normal attacks. When the Terror of Talos is flying, simply fire rockets and throw bombs. Otherwise, punching deals more damage, but make sure to throw bombs in as well as these are very effective. Jumping and landing on the Terror of Talos is a great way to both damage it and avoid its attacks. In addition to the Terror of Talos, a few Attack-Copters will appear, as well as small, green military tanks, though these do little damage and can easily be swatted aside by punching or stepping on them.

After it loses a third of its health, giant ninjas will appear. Much like the mini-ninja henchmen, these giant ninjas are agile, and will attack by lunging forward, after which they will backflip. They can also throw shurikens and attack from a distance. However, a few punches will destroy them, and jumping on them will destroy them easily. Destroy six of them and six more arrive, and the Terror of Talos will return.

Though the Terror of Talos will be supported by the ninjas, they are entirely optional, so focus on the Terror of Talos. After it is destroyed, the mission is complete. A cutscene will commence, and you will control Ratchet for "Escape the Tyhrranoid Ambush".

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