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Fight the Blarg is a mission in Ratchet & Clank, taking place in the Blarg Research Outpost on planet Gaspar. After Ratchet and Clank defeated the blargian snagglebeast in the Blarg Tactical Research Station, Nebula G34, they were given an infobot about the XK-81 Jetpack on Gaspar. Having asked Captain Qwark if they could retrieve it, he loved the idea, and sent them to acquire a Jetpack so that Elaris could create others for the other Galactic Rangers. Upon landing, they could not find the Jetpack immediately, but could find that the Blarg Depot located was being used to outfit an army of blarg, and opted to disrupt his forces by taking it out. After Ratchet obtained a pair of Grindboots in the Depot, he could then search for the Jetpack.


At the Gadgetron vendor, the Plasma Striker is now available for 21,000 bolts. It is a sniper rifle that allows you to attack foes from a distance. Though it is a powerful and useful weapon, purchasing it right now is not a priority, though you will earn many bolts on this planet and may be able to purchase it before you leave. If the Groovitron has not already been purchased, it should be purchased now, as it is essential for some of the enemies in this mission.

From where the ship lands, take the platform down to a small group of chompers (small swarmer enemies that attack in melee range) and blarg troopers, easily defeated by using the Pixelizer or Proton Drum, while summoning Mr. Zurkon to attack the nearby enemies. There is also a turret located here, make sure to kill the blarg troopers before they can operate it. If a blarg trooper accesses it, the turret is shielded and cannot be attacked head-on, so instead use the Groovitron to disable them and then kill them while dancing. Operate this turret yourself, and then aim it towards the large, round, reinforced metal door, and shoot it using either Circle or R2. Once destroyed, head through.

Through the door, you will encounter some more blarg troopers here, as well as blarg space commandos, flying darters, and bladeballs, all of which are best defeated with the Pixelizer or Mr. Zurkon. Past here to your left, you will find a large, reinforced door blocking your way inside the Depot. Instead, head straight up the platforms on the right, leading to a turret, defeating the bladeballs along the way. The bladeballs are spawned from a blarg generator, which will run when you approach it; shoot it first. Next, reach the turret here, and destroy the door. After it is destroyed, three warbots will fly out. These enemies are both powerful and durable, and are best defeated by simply using the turret. Use the Helipack to stretch jump forward and head inside the Depot.

In the Depot, take the turret up to find a room with chompers spawned from a generator; fire at the generator using a ranged weapon such as the Combuster to stop it running, while you use Mr. Zurkon and the Proton Drum to kill the chompers. The next area will contain several blarg space commandos and bladeballs surrounding a group of immobile tanks, which are best defeated with the Fusion Grenade or Pixelizer. As there are many enemies here, you may wish to use the Groovitron to disable them to take out a few first while making sure to jump over the waves of fire from the blarg space commandos. The next room past this contains a turret and more blarg troopers. Use the Groovitron to disable the blarg manning the turret, kill them quickly, then kill the other enemies and operate the turret, using it to destroy the metal door leading outside.

When heading outside, several more warbots will be encountered, with a few bladeballs also attacking. When not using a turret, warbots are best defeated with the Fusion Grenade or Predator Launcher (or Combuster if you run out of ammo), while other enemies are best dealt with simply by using the Proton Drum or Mr. Zurkon while you focus on the warbots. There are two turrets here operated by blarg troopers, so use the Groovitron to disable them and then defeat them. You can choose to use one turret against the other enemies, and though the turret is shielded, doing so will still make you prone to attacks. You may therefore opt instead to simply stop the troopers from operating the turrets, and kill the rest of the enemies outside, able to dodge the incoming laser fire. A blarg armored transport will also arrive and attack, which is best defeated with the Predator Launcher or Fusion Grenade. Ensure you summon Mr. Zurkon and have a Proton Drum thrown on the field at all times while you use other weapons, and also ensure that no blarg troopers ever reach the turrets.

Eventually, all the enemies will be cleared out, and you will spot a forcefield surrounding a pair of Grindboots. The forcefield is locked by a tripad lock, which is opened by standing on each of the three red buttons before the countdown ends. After unlocking it, obtain the Grindboots, and make use of the nearby grindrail. Jump on it to begin grinding across, which will take you back to your ship.

With the Grindboots obtained, you can now explore the previously inaccessible area from your ship, commencing the mission "Find the Jetpack".