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The Feltzin System is a location in Going Commando. It is a space system in the Bogon Galaxy that was used by the Thugs-4-Less as their rendezvous point, dubbed the Thug rendezvous. The Thugs had a space station based here, and the system was otherwise home to asteroids, of which many had been drilled through. Ratchet and Clank traveled to the system to intercept transmissions and gain more information.

The Feltzin System is a location only accessible to the Star Explorer, with a large focus on space combat and racing. As with most space combat locations in Going Commando, several missions are available.


The Thug Leader moved their space rendezvous point to the Feltzin System in "sector 1-2-3-4-5".[1] They held their company picnic, a regular company bonding exercise,[2] in the system on the Sunday, asking employees to bring their own juice.[1] After Ratchet and Clank won the hoverbike race in the Vukovar Canyon, Barlow, they were given a telescreen of the Thug Leader's announcement of this change by Biker One.

The Thug Leader mid-transmission.

During the meeting, Angela Cross sent four transmissions to the Thug Leader in frustration at their apparent laziness, but failed to get through to him.[2] Ratchet and Clank also arrived in the Star Explorer and defeated the Thugs-4-Less fighters that attacked them in "Defeat the Thug Ships". After defeating two waves of them, Angela Cross sent a fifth transmission, which the Thug Leader responded to. She told him that she was furious about the meeting given the money she was spending on them, and threatened to cancel the contract if they did not immediately meet her in the Canal City, Notak.[2] Ratchet and Clank intercepted the transmission and downloaded the coordinates.

Ratchet and Clank also participated in additional missions in the system, in which they defeated space wasps, Thugs-4-Less ace pilots, and won a race against Ace Bunyon.

On the way to Notak, they also saw a broadcast of Behind the Hero, featuring updates on Qwark.


The exterior of the space station.

The Feltzin System area is largely filled with huge asteroids of various sizes, and surrounding it are yet more asteroid fields, a large astrological body just below, and a few planets that can be seen in the distance. The largest asteroid has a space station built into it, with a glass dome and metal buildings near the top Several hangar bays are located in a single path throughout it, and an enormous satellite dish is placed on the bottom.

The space station on the central asteroid is comprised of metal buildings built into and above it. Two large hangar bays are found on the back and side of the asteroid, which lead to a series of tunnels into two spacious rooms (with the middle room containing a nanotech boost) before eventually reaching the other hangar bay as the exit back into space. Above it are several large towers, varying in size and shape, near to the glass dome on the top. The lower part of the asteroid is largely empty, with the exception of a huge satellite dish.

The largest three nearby asteroids are close together in a vaguely triangular shape and have tunnels drilled into them, revealing bright yellow innards, allowing small ships to fly through. There are several other smaller asteroids, of which many are crystals, that can be destroyed with weapons. The smaller asteroids will rotate in space, while the larger ones with holes and the space station asteroid are mostly stationary.

Space combat challenges

Each challenge's reward gets multiplied by 0.33 and then rounded up or down to a number ending in either 00, 25, 50 or 75, with a minimum limit of 500 bolts per challenge.

Challenge Description Prizes in bolts
First Second Third
Defeat the Thug ships Destroy all Thugs-4-Less ships in the sector, and disrupt their rendezvous. Coordinates for Canal City, Notak 1,675 550
Defeat 30 Space Wasps in 2 Minutes Space Wasps have invaded this sector of space. Destroy them in 2 minutes or less before they can leave the sector. 5,500 1,825 600
Fight the Ace Thug ships Only the Thugs' best pilots remain. Take out their ace pilots! 6,500 2,150 725
Race Through the Asteroids Ace Bunyon, one of the galaxy's premiere space racers, has challenged you to a race through the asteroid field. 8,000 2,650 875

Defeat the Thug ships

The first challenge is the only mandatory challenge. There are two waves of twenty-five Thugs-4-Less fighters, varying in size and armor. The first challenge can prove difficult as it is not possible to obtain upgrades from Slim Cognito's Ship Shack before beginning the mission, though they are not necessary for this or the following challenges.

To defeat the fighters, move around the map and fire lasers at any that come within the line of fire, while firing missiles at the larger ships. When attacked from behind or from the sides, simply boost or use barrel rolls to evade and turn to confront them. When shields run low, they can be restored by destroying more ships and picking up shield-restoring items, so the object is to stay evasive and keep persevering. Destroying as many crystals and asteroids for Raritanium as possible during the mission is ideal for when you need to purchase more upgrades later.

Defeat 30 Space Wasps in 2 Minutes

The second challenge is a timed challenge in which thirty space wasps must be defeated. Completing this challenge is entirely possible without purchasing any ship upgrades. However, if the mission proves difficult, it is advisable to purchase the Fusion Laser Cannons upgrade from Slim Cognito's Ship Shack to make the mission considerably easier.

The space wasps themselves pose very little threat, and the real challenge is defeating them before the timer runs out. Luckily, space wasps often cluster, meaning it is very easy to take out groups of them together. There is no harm in using the missiles frequently, as long as they lock onto a wasp first, as doing so will save time that is needed. It is important to check the radar frequently to find all the space wasps and defeat them under the time limit.

Fight the Ace Thug ships

The third challenge involves fighting ten red Thugs-4-Less fighters. Despite their appearance being similar to the basic Thugs-4-Less fighter, these fighters are very durable, and can sustain significant damage before being destroyed. This challenge is possible without purchasing any ship upgrades, but purchasing the Fusion Laser Cannons upgrade, the Advanced Shielding System upgrade, or another secondary weapon (though the former two are more advisable) from Slim Cognito's Ship Shack can help chances significantly.

This mission is a straight dog fight, but is slightly more challenging due to the durability and threat posed by the fighters. It is important to tail a specific fighter and persevere until that one is destroyed before moving onto the next. Rockets will help, but the enemy ships require up to three before they go down. It is also important to stay evasive while tailing a pilot, so often performing a barrel roll will help to dodge its comrades.

Race Through the Asteroids

The fourth challenge is a race against premiere space racer Ace Bunyon, through several rings. Though this mission is possible without it, purchasing the Triple Boost Acceleration Engine upgrade can help. The race course goes through the largest asteroids and the space station in the center

A boost at the start of the mission can put Ratchet in front of Ace. The lead is easy to maintain, but that is not the main challenge of the mission. The primary challenge is missing as little rings as possible (as missing fifteen rings will cause the mission to fail), and in not being damaged or being instantly destroyed by hitting a solid object. This can be achieved by flying carefully, boosting in short bursts (particularly when in open space), and staying on course to miss few rings. The mission is complete after flying through the gold ring.

Flying through all fifty rings will earn a platinum bolt.

During this challenge, when flying through the space station, it is possible to obtain a nanotech boost. However, it is best to avoid this boost and obtain it another time, as obtaining it can easily jeopardize the challenge.

Behind the scenes

The Feltzin System was originally known as "Quadrant 32A", as far back as the September 4 prototype build of Going Commando. However, it was inconsistently named; though it would read "Quadrant 32A" when loading into the area, it was still referred to as the "Feltzin System" on the galactic map.[3]