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The Eye of Infinity is the most valuable gem in the Solana Galaxy, and the largest most pristine gem in the universe. It is kept in a glass case in the Precious Gem Wing of the Boltaire Museum. It was supposed to be unreachable, being protected behind many lasers, but was stolen by Ratchet while under the influence of Klunk's mind-control. After defeating Klunk, Clank ended his secret mission by having Qwark take the Eye out the laser. Clank then brought the gem back to the museum, where it belonged.


Using a derelict satellite and a laser, Klunk used the Eye as a refractor for an elaborate laser system poised to destroy every planet in the galaxy within a single shot as his primary plan, blaming Ratchet therefor and disguising himself as Clank to be heralded as a hero. His backup plan in case he was defeated being to not just destroy every planet in the galaxy but to blow up the entire Solana Galaxy itself. However, Clank and Qwark stopped it before it could fire.

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