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Extermitanks[1] are enemies in Ratchet & Clank and the 2016 re-imagined game, encountered in Blackwater City, Rilgar. They are armored tanks deployed by the Blackwater City Administration alongside extermibots to deal with the amoeboid infestation. Extermitanks are encountered during "Win the hoverboard race" in the original release and during "Travel to the hoverboard event" in the 2016 re-imagined release.

In the original release, the "Cluck, Cluck" skill point can be earned by turning an extermitank into a chicken using the Morph-o-Ray.


Concept art for the re-imagined release.

Extermitanks are large, green (green and orange in the re-imagined release), armored tanks with large canisters behind the cannon that contains gas. They have relatively restricted movement, moving in a set pattern while firing the toxic spray at foes. They are rarely encountered, as the extermibots are found more commonly.


In the original release, extermitanks are less of a threat and more of an obstacle towards the next objective. They move in a set pattern, often in front of a doorway, and fire toxic spray from their cannons in close range in front of them. Though heavily armored and durable, they only move back and forward in a set pattern, meaning it is relatively easy to stand out of their range and shoot at them with a Blaster. The Glove of Doom can also be effective, only as long as its Agents are not caught in the spray. If the O2 Mask is equipped, the spray is incapable of damaging Ratchet.

In the re-imagined release, extermitanks are a great threat, as their movement is less restricted, and they instead fire toxic blasts at long range, which explode on contact, while their durability is retained. It is important therefore that Ratchet dodges them, and fire weapons such as the Fusion Grenade or Combuster against them to remain at a range where their blasts are more likely to miss.


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