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The Exterminators

The Exterminators were one of the longest running DreadZone teams, comprised of Shellshock, Reactor, the Eviscerator, and Ace Hardlight - their leader. Although the Exterminators are one of the most popular teams on DreadZone, at least one Exterminator (Ace) is commonly disliked by viewers. The team holds a record number of kills, being responsible for the death of many other DreadZone contestants, including Captain Starshield and The Omega Twins. Ultimately, the entire team was defeated by Team Darkstar.

Behind the scenes

Cut content

Before the game was released, Ratchet could become an Exterminator by beating the Exterminator Tournament.


The Exterminator cards also listed Vox and Slugga as Exterminators.



It’s plausible that the reason Ace is disliked is due to him enjoying murdering other combatants.

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