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Extermibots are enemies in Going Commando, with a cameo in Secret Agent Clank. They are encountered in Allgon City, Damosel, with a brief appearance in the museum in Secret Agent Clank. They are large, heavily armored robots with a thick torso and no head, carrying either a pistol that fires electricity, or one that launches grenades that release poisonous gas. During "Save the overrun planet", they were programmed to destroy the Protopets, but since they were specifically (and somewhat lazily) set to attack anything small and fuzzy, they also readily attacked Ratchet.[1] Extermibots patrolled the streets, and were also deployed from dropships.

A dropship used to transport Extermibots.

Extermibots will fire their weapons at both Protopets and Ratchet. Those carrying electric pistols will attack in melee range, while those with bomb launchers fire from long range. When you are in close range with them, they can also attack with a powerful kick, which can send Ratchet back a far distance and do considerable damage. After their torso is destroyed, their legs will continue to function, and will kick Ratchet.

They will usually prefer to attack Ratchet, but will also sometimes go after the Protopets, generally always losing when they do. The Bouncer and Plasma Coil are normally the best defense against them, as they will not only deal sufficient damage to the Extermibots, but also to nearby Protopets. For far-away Extermibots, the Minirocket Tube works best.

During Secret Agent Clank, Clank found two Extermibots located in the Boltaire Museum, one good and one evil, they independently invented robotic puppies and telemarketing.