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Explore the space station and Buy Grindboots are missions in Ratchet & Clank. After Ratchet and Clank went to confront the Robot Lieutenant, they found a dropped infobot with a commercial for the Blarg Tactical Research Station presented by Chairman Drek, as well as a set of coordinates. Ratchet wanted to explore the station for the promoted gadgets and weapons in the video, and although Clank objected, he was persuaded by the opportunity to get information on Drek's location by asking any of the blarg scientists.

During their exploration of the station, they eventually encountered and defeated an Alien Queen. Afterwards, they saved an Inventor, ending the "Explore the space station" mission. The Inventor sold them a pair of Grindboots for 2,000 bolts and then left the station via a shuttle, ending the "Buy Grindboots" mission.


The nearby Gadgetron vendor has a new 'weapon' called the Taunter for sale, and although it is technically considered a weapon, it does not do damage of any kind and only serves to make a lot of loud noises. Nonetheless, purchase both it and the Glove of Doom if possible and proceed to the forcefield blocking a doorway, which you must deactivate by smashing the nearby power source. Note the alien swarmer on the ceiling, as when you near the end, a large number of these will suddenly ambush you by dropping out from a pair of air vents. With their numbers, they are good prey for the Pyrocitor or the Suck Cannon. Enter the next room and take out the lone blarg space commando, who fires a blast of energy at the floor, easily avoidable by jumping over it. Now is when the Taunter comes into use, as another commando awaits behind a second forcefield. Use the Taunter to notify him of your presence, causing him to promptly walk into the forcefield.

More swarmers will ambush you in the next tunnel, where after you can use the Trespasser to open an Invinco-Lock to access a locked room filled with crates, but be careful of the center boxes as they contain swarmers. The next chamber will feature a series of thin walkways and platforms, which you must traverse while avoiding the numerous vents spraying toxic gas, after which you can Swingshot yourself to a third space commando. Beware of another large number of swarmers ambushing you from the numerous boxes behind him. The next room has two large tubes with one alien snapper contained and inactive in each, as well as a third forcefield blocking your way. Each nearby power source, should it be destroyed, also causes each respective snapper to wake up, therefore you should beware of these formidable foes. They have a relatively large amount of health and speed to make taking them lightly ill-advised.

Fight your way past another group of swarmers and a fourth space commando until you can resupply yourself at a vendor. Half a dozen swarmers and two snappers control the next chamber. You can either flood the room with the Glove of Doom or remove them from a distance with the Blaster or Suck Cannon to remain as safe as possible. The next and second-last area features a series of platforms separated by forcefields, with each platform containing a large number of enemies. You can use the Taunter to lure them all to their deaths, or simply take them out safely from a different platform after taking out the power source for the forcefields.

Alien Queen

The following room has a very heavy green tint to it and as soon as you enter it, will also be occupied by the Alien Queen, a boss-level monster that is essentially a larger version of the snapper. Although both fast and sturdy, you can in fact remove one part of its health bar before it manages to reach you if you use the Blaster, though the Glove of Doom is an exceptionally useful alternative, as you can use it while running away to avoid its lunging bite.

When enough damage has been dealt, it will retreat to the rear and a very large number of swarmers will drop in from above. The Pyrocitor is recommended due to their numbers. Note that you can still damage the Queen, but she will stay near the very back and move away from you until all other enemies are gone. After the second phase, two snappers will drop in. Afterwards, you only have to beat the Queen one final time to finish the boss fight.

Finally, you will find a blarg scientist in the last room being attacked by a few swarmers. Dispatch them and approach him to end the mission "Explore the space station". After the cutscene, you can purchase the Grindboots from the Inventor for 2,000 bolts, and then use them on the nearby grindrail to return to the landing area.