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Explore the rest of the flying base, Purchase Qwark Action Figure, and Bring Qwark Collectible to Armory Employee are missions in Going Commando, occurring across the flying lab, Aranos and the Megacorp Armory, Todano. On Aranos, Ratchet and Clank met the Plumber again, who had found a Qwark action figure clogging the pipes, and offered to sell the rare collectible (in the Bogon Galaxy) to them for 20,000 bolts. On Todano, the two found an Armory Employee, a Qwark fanboy that would trade the action figure for an Armor Magnetizer he had designed.

It is possible to meet the Plumber or the Armory Employee in any order, but the mission can only be completed when the Qwark action figure can be given to the Armory Employee.



To meet the Plumber on Aranos, take the door at the back of the hangar bay on the left, notably the door that is not reached using a ladder first. Behind the door, climb the ladder up to a long pool of lava. Wait until the lava has just descended, then fly across with the Levitator past the sloped ceiling and hold X to stay at the top. When the lava descends again, release and get across the last sloped ceiling, then hold X to get to the top. You should have just enough fuel to reach the Plumber. After a short cutscene, purchase the Qwark action figure for 20,000 bolts. The next part of the mission is completed on Todano.


On Todano, in the second room of weapons facility where the Tractor Beam is used (seen in "Investigate the facility interior"), move the pillars to the top left of the room, allowing them to create a path to a cliff outside. Destroy the Megacorp Robot Guard and follow the cliff round to meet the Armory Employee. After a cutscene, you can give him the action figure and receive the Armor Magnetizer, which is very helpful for earning bolts, particularly in conjunction with the Box Breaker.

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