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Trophy: Very Sucky
Complete "Explore the mills" Bronze

Explore the mills is a mission in Ratchet & Clank. While looking for the Robot Lieutenant on planet Eudora, Ratchet and Clank explored the blarg logging site's mills.

Completion of this mission in the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita versions of Ratchet & Clank will unlock the bronze trophy Very Sucky.


Upon landing, you will straightaway notice an axebot, and said bot will notice you as well upon approach and proceed to move in on you, take on a stance, and raise its axe while facing Ratchet. It will then quickly strike, possibly hitting faster before you can hit him with the OmniWrench or dodge entirely, though this all remains futile if you use any ranged weapon. The nearby Gadgetron vendor will have a new weapon for sale, but at 7,500 bolts, the Glove of Doom is quite likely too expensive. If you do purchase it, know that it releases four tiny robots that automatically seek out and blow up on enemies, and it has does not have a lot of ammunition. It does however packs quite the punch, though suffers from being unable to reach either flying targets or those that are not on the same ground level.

Ignore the sawbot-filled path to the right, as it is a dead end, and activate the nearby bolt crank and cross the drawbridge. Any sawbot that notices you automatically alerts any others in the vicinity, though they are no threat with any of your available weapons. Take care to explore any hidden wall jump segments for crates and nanotech. After another drawbridge, you will run into blarg troopers, which use a pistol similar to your own Blaster. Continue along this path while fighting several more robots until, after another bolt crank and a jump you can only make by gliding, you run into a big axebot, which is as its name implies, mostly a larger version.

Close range is inadvisable, therefore you should use ranged weaponry to take it down, and any others that are encountered, as they will not actively close the distance themselves. Moving on, you will run into several more troopers, both big and normal axebots, until you finally find a Suck Cannon at the very end inside a structure guarded by three big axebots. After their defeat and the acquisition of the new weapon, you can easily return to the landing pad by jumping across the canyon towards the area with saw bots seen at the start, which also serve as excellent test subjects for the new equipment.

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