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Explore the docked ships is a mission Going Commando taking place in the distribution facility, Smolg. After Angela Cross pickpocketed a log entry from the Thug Leader revealing that Megacorp was shipping potentially millions of Protopets from its distribution facility on Smolg, Ratchet and Clank decided to investigate the facility. A path to the right of their landing pad took them across docked ships, where they found the Mutant Crab.

This is one of two missions that can be completed upon arrival in Smolg, along with "Search the Distribution Facility". A platinum bolt can be found near the end of the mission.


No new weapons are available at the Megacorp vendor. If not already purchased, the Plasma Coil is by far the best weapon against the enemies here, and due to the strength of some of the enemies here, consider purchasing the Shield Charger if you have not already. However, it is important to keep at least 40,000 bolts on hand to pay as it will be needed for the end of the mission. Much of this mission involves a mix of combat and use of the Levitator to get around.

During the mission, you will encounter the two enemy types here: the grulch and the two-headed Smolgian snappers. The latter are melee enemies and quite durable, dealing significant damage if they overwhelm you. Against these, the Plasma Coil, Minirocket Tube, or Bouncer are the best choice as they do damage in an area of effect, while the Shield Charger and Synthenoids can offer protection if needed. Many grulches are spawned from spawners, which must be destroyed.

The path is begun by taking the right path from where the ship lands, across two platforms and two versa-targets traversed with the Swingshot, to reach a small freighter. Kill the grulches here, then jump across the platforms behind it to reach a structure, and use an elevator down to a Levitator pad. Use this Levitator pad to reach one of the platforms held up by pillars in the distance, and then use the Levitator pad on it to reach another platform directly behind it. The next Levitator pad should be used to reach a freighter on the right. Kill the enemies on the freighter, and then head in the room inside and use the Levitator pad to travel forward to another platform. On the platform, use the Levitator pad on the right to reach a freighter, kill the enemies, then head to the room inside to stand on a Levitator pad. For this Levitator, take it all the way up to the top while moving forward until you can reach a large platform in the distance.

On this structure, kill the snappers and then use the Levitator to get to the end and reach the top of the stack of crates, then use the Levitator pad behind it to head directly forward to the last structure. Kill the enemies in here and head forward, and a cutscene will commence with the Mutant Crab. Pay him 40,000 bolts and another cutscene will start, giving you coordinates to Damosel, plus the missions "Save the overrun planet", "Ride the train rails", and "Explore the moon".

If you have not already, complete the mission "Search the Distribution Facility" on Smolg first before leaving.

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