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Explore the blarg warship and Destroy the warship are missions in Ratchet & Clank. Ratchet and Clank found a docked transport shuttle on the Blarg Tactical Research Station, upon entry of which they received a message from the Gadgetron HelpDesk, mentioning that there "may be useful technology on board"[1]. During their exploration they only found a 'big red shiny button', which they pressed, activating a destruct sequence. While fleeing the ship they managed to find a lone infobot before making it safely back to the Blarg Station.


Once you have boarded the ship you will immediately notice it is slanted, thus making moving and attacking slightly less intuitive. The first enemy you encounter is a blarg space commando that attacks by firing a blast of energy onto the floor, which travels outwards in an arc. Dodge it by jumping and after defeating him, take either path to reveal a large amount of alien swarmers. Although weak, they are surprisingly fast, but make easy ammunition for the Suck Cannon. Two more commandos await in the next room, after which you can enter the final section, which is occupied by three alien snappers.

The snapper is a dangerous enemy with more health than any one encountered so far, and with their above average movement speed and lunging bite are a notable threat. Regardless, neither of the three can reach you and thus make easy prey for the Bomb Glove, Blaster or Glove of Doom. At the end of the room is a large button, which ends the "Explore the Blarg warship" mission and immediately follows up with the "Destroy the warship" mission, giving you a scarce 45 seconds to evacuate the spaceship.

Two new alien snappers will have appeared in the previous room, but the Glove of Doom will make quick work of them. Note that the right path will leads you into an ambush by several alien swarmers that appear from air vents above you. Also take care to avoid the vents near the bottom spraying toxic gas. Lastly, a lone snapper will be all that is between you and the exit. Note that you do not need to grab the infobot at the end, nor enter the transport shuttle, as Ratchet will do both automatically upon getting close enough.