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Explore the area is a mission in Going Commando taking place in the mining area, Tabora. After Ratchet and Clank escaped the underground tunnels, the two decided to explore the rest of the area, leading them to underground mines where they found the Glider.

A nanotech boost can be obtained during this mission, either right at the start with the Heli-Pack, or later with the Glider. A platinum bolt is found at the end of the path.


This mission requires little combat, as most us taken up with Thermanator puzzles, so consider keeping that in Quick Select and just using the Synthenoids to take care of most of the combat. For areas with many spitting dune crawlers, you can use the Seeker Gun and Miniturret Glove.

To begin this mission, head down the long slope located through the building at the back of the town, go through the tunnel to find a room with a pool of water. Bring out the Thermanator, freeze the pool, then jump up the ledge to the right. You will then see three blocks in a water pool in front of you. Stand on the first block, and it will lower allowing the third block to raise. Then, freeze the water, and jump up the blocks to the top of the ledge, and keep going forward. At the fountain with the artificial waterfalls, freeze them and wall jump up. At the top, head to the end of the tunnel and glide across the lava to the next tunnel.

Defeat the enemies in the tunnel, and at the end you will reach the Glider. To use it, press X on the pad. Simply fly around the pillars and gates using the left analog stick (Left analog stick) and avoid getting hit. At the end, you will obtain a platinum bolt, and a teleporter to return to the town.

If you have not already, complete "Return crystals to mystic" to leave the planet.

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