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Explore the Second Moon is a mission in Up Your Arsenal taking place on Obani Pollux, a moon reached using the teleporter on Obani Gemini. After seeing on Daxx that the Biobliterator was heading to the Obani moons, Ratchet and Clank traveled there to learn more, with Skidd McMarx insisting to come along as well. By using the Refractor on Obani Gemini, they were able to reach Obani Pollux, where they fought Dr. Nefarious' forces to find a way on the second moon to reach the third.

It is possible to obtain a titanium bolt on the path for this mission by reaching it with the first jump pad.


This mission is a combat mission, and you will have access to the Gadgetron vendor to purchase any weapons you do not yet have. The only new weapon that has become available here is the Disc Blade Gun. This weapon fires very powerful but slow-moving saw blades at enemies and is excellent for single-target damage. It is effective against the enemies here, but you should prioritize the Annihilator, which is weaker, but more versatile.

You will immediately encounter scout bots, which are dispatched easily, but as you head forward, you will find elite sharpshooters. These enemies fire a wide projectile that travels across the ground but does not follow the curvature of the surface, meaning it can fly above you; dodge it by jumping over it, and defeat them with ranged weapons. Break the jackpot crate also to double your bolts, and head forward, defeating a few more scout bots and sharpshooters, before you find a jump pad. Jump up to the top of the tower in front to continue.

Destroy the scout bots and sharpshooters along the bridges until you reach another jump pad, where you will encounter a guard bot. The Annihilator or Disc Blade Gun are the most useful weapons against it, but in absence of them, simply take cover behind the blocks and fire long-range weapons until it is destroyed. After this, jump on the zip line where it will take you down to the surface below. Defeat the scout bots and sharpshooters then head over the bridge past the gate, where more of them are fought along with another guard bot. Use the jump pad up to a higher ledge, and the next behind it, and then continue across the bridge, defeating enemies along the way, where more enemies and another guard bot are fought. Finally, a green jump pad will take you straight to the end of the mission.

A cutscene will commence, and you will gain coordinates to Blackwater City, Rilgar, for the next mission, "Save Blackwater City".

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