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Explore the Icy Wastes and Buy Hydro-Pack from Ed are missions in Ratchet & Clank. Ratchet and Clank explored a region of planet Hoven, eventually running into the Miner, who complained about his broken drill, while holding a notably tough type of ore. Clank noted it was, in fact, Raritanium, and Ratchet offered to fix his drill for him, in return taking the "rock" off of him. After exploring part of the icy wastes, they also found a RoboShack owned by Edwina, who was so smitten with Clank that she offered him a Hydro-Pack upgrade for 2,000 bolts, to the dismay of the largely ignored Ratchet.


Left path

Turn left from the landing pad, entering a small building, where a group of blarg troopers will enter through the rear entrance. Kill them before they can take positions. Doing so by the narrow doorway makes it easy. Head out through the same entrance to find a timed switch, seen earlier on planet Umbris. The second switch is to the right, across the water (which freezes Ratchet instantly), and the third is on top of the unscalable icy hill. Use the Swingshot on the versa-target above it instead, then enter the building to the left of it once the gate is open. Inside is a standard wall-jump section but with switches placed intermittently on the walls. Start on the left, and time your jumps properly to activate them all.

Make your way across the ice in the next area to reach a tunnel inside another building. Two pairs of electric fences will move from side to side, occasionally clearing the central path. Ratchet will instantly die upon touching them, and the ice makes it impossible to get across quickly enough, therefore you should use the Swingshot on the versa-target at the end and time your move properly. Make your way across a river using a platform of ice and the Swingshot, killing two anklebiters that reveal themselves once you make it across. Another laser barrier challenge awaits you afterwards, which is cleared, again, using careful timing.

The final part consists of a series of metal platforms, all frozen over with ice. The Thruster-Pack's hover ability (tapping L1 or Shoulder R twice) can make it useful to get across safely. Alternatively, just jump and glide to halt your momentum, in case you are about to fall of. Three switches must again be pressed, which can also serve as momentary reprieves, as you will not slide while standing on top of them. Approach the Miner to complete this part of the mission.

Right path

Start from the landing pad, and follow the route used in "Destroy the Planetbuster". Stop before using the floating platform to cross the ice and turn around, instead using a different floating platform to scale the cliff face and enter a tunnel. A group of blarg troopers will appear in an attempt to stop you but are easily dispatched. Jump down the large cylindrical chamber to enter an even larger cavern with a series of Insta-Faucets and Insta-Drains.

The former are generally always hooked up to a canister containing compressed water, which must be drained and deposited into an Insta-Drain to flood the chamber. With the rising water, you can access a small island and enter a tunnel, draining more water and then using the Hydrodisplacer placed into a different receptacle on a small plateau accessed by a buoyant platform. Use the small buoyant platform to access another Insta-Faucet, followed by a final Insta-Drain on the other end of the room, which causes the water to rise enough to allow you to exit.

Go through a tunnel to find a large canyon, with several bridges and conveyor belts spanning the gap. Accessible buildings are placed on both sides, and a large number of crates (both regular and explosive) are strewn throughout the location. Anklebiters will sometimes ambush you from out of the snow on the floor, and a few blarg troopers occupy some of the structures, but otherwise your trek to the RoboShack is unhindered. Enter it to begin the mission "Buy Hydro-Pack from Ed", subsequently ending it by paying Edwina for the Hydro-Pack.