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Fly to Planet Zeldrin‎, Explore the Crash Site, and Take Datadisk to Big Al are missions in Up Your Arsenal, taking place in the crash site, Zeldrin. Following the attack on Metropolis, Ratchet and Clank returned to the Starship Phoenix to discuss their next move with Sasha Phyronix. Sasha remembered that Qwark had been looking for something from the Leviathan, which gave Ratchet a clue. Ratchet and Clank went to planet Zeldrin, where the ship had crashed, to learn more.

The Dr. Nefarious trophy, the nano-pak, the skill points "Suck it up!" and "Aim High", and a titanium bolt can all be obtained during this mission.


No new weapons are available at the Gadgetron vendor, and by now you should have access to all the available weapons and armor, given you have diligently completed optional content.

From where your ship lands, head down using the grav-ramp to obtain the titanium bolt, and when you reach the ground, you will be confronted by scout bots and soldier bots. The scout bots are plentiful and useful Suck Cannon ammo, or fodder for the Rift Inducer, while the soldier bots are best cleared out in a cluster using the latter. Head forward, and more soldier bots will come through hatches on the pods that have crashed, and a guard bot will appear. Tougher than previous guard bots, this should be destroyed with the Annihilator or Disc Blade Gun. Past this are more enemies, but an inferno crate seen in a pod on the right can help clear the enemies out.

Across the bridge on the left, several soldier bots and a guard bot will appear, and past this, numerous more enemies of all types. These enemies can be overwhelming, so use weapons that can either act autonomously, such as the Agents of Doom and Miniturret Glove, and those that can hit multiple targets on their own. Focus on dodging attacks in particular, as these enemies deal significant damage.

When you reach a small lift platform that takes you up to the right on the ship, before taking it, instead use the Hypershot to attach to a small versa-target that lands you on another part of the ship. Take the grav-ramp up, then swing across the next versa-target, and glide while activating the platform, and jump across to reach the nano-pak. This effectively boosts your nanotech as it allows you to store more nanotech that will heal you in an emergency. Head back, and take the lift platform from before. Defeat a few enemies here through this part of the ship, then use the Hypershot to get across to the end, where a cutscene will commence, which effectively ends the mission, continuing with "Take Datadisk to Big Al".

Use the Hypershot to create two platforms across and defeat the enemies, and then head up the grav-ramp on a diagonal tower. The path forward is fairly linear and few enemies appear, but the main difficulty is that the enemies are hard to target. Against the guard bots, aim the weapons slightly lower than you normally would (slightly below the chest is often best), and against soldier bots, use weapons that cannot miss such as the Rift Inducer or Spitting Hydra. When you reach the top of the tower, defeat the enemies and then take the zipline back to your ship. A cutscene will commence, leading to an optional mission, "Help the Galactic Rangers", on planet Aridia, alternatively you can return to the Phoenix to finish "Take Datadisk to Big Al".

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