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Explore base is a mission in Ratchet & Clank. After destroying the PlanetBuster Maximus, Ratchet and Clank found an infobot with coordinates to the Gemlik Base, as well as a recording by Alonzo Drek. He detailed a military operation by the blarg to launch an attack on Gorda City, from Gemlik Base. Continuing to fight, Ratchet desired to head to the moonbase and find Qwark, who had been in league with Drek, whereas Clank wanted to head there to stop Drek. Unbeknownst to them, Drek was aware of their intentions and had sent Qwark in advance to ambush them.

Upon arrival, Clank noted he did not see Drek's ship, whereupon Ratchet exclaimed they would need a faster ship to catch him and Qwark. Clank suggested they could find a faster ship on the base, and Ratchet agreed with exploring the base now that they arrived.


Jump down from the starting area and approach the small swarm of robosquawkers in mid-air. Similar to the Peckbots, they will fly around, landing only to attack you when close enough and moving slightly erratically while walking. Nonetheless, they can be considered fodder. Take note of a Gadgetron HelpDesk message that advises you to use either the Devastator or Visibomb Gun to destroy the tower on the right that generates a forcefield. A blarg space commando and several more robosquawkers roam around in the next area, after which you must use either ranged weapon to destroy a tower in the distance and deactivate a second forcefield.

A blarg gunner will be manning a turret in the following area. You must take cover behind the raised platforms on the right, circling around it to kill him from behind. Use the Trespasser to unlock a gate, after which you will encounter another gunner, who can be dodged by climbing the stairs to the right, on top of which a few robosquawkers await you. After clearing them out, solve the next Invinco-Lock puzzle, and then you will encounter yet another turret, this time making the stretch jumps the only feasible way to get by without taking damage. Two space commandos stand around in a pit on the left, next to a bunch of crates. Afterwards, head right to enter an area with some robosquawkers and large, green, explosive canisters.

Destroy the canisters and then the tower holding up the barrier blocking entry. A blarg space fighter will stop entry into the chamber itself; shoot it down from a fair distance to avoid being hit by its powerful rockets. Enter the chamber and approach the large rear door to reveal two more space fighters. Go left, killing another space commando, and enter the building at the end, taking an elevator down. Make your way past a few tunnels with an acid substance partially flooding the chambers, forcing you to time your movement across. Three space commandos will try to halt your progress but are easily dispatched. Enact the same patience used with the acid while going through the next room using a Magne-Strip, as well as avoiding the lava. Near the end of this section, you will come upon a large room, with the acid again periodically rising and lowering. Use a ranged weapon to destroy the canisters on the platform at the end, after which you can glide down while timing your descent safely.

After taking an elevator to the outside, you can find a Gadgetron vendor on a platform to the right, past a few robosquawkers. Turn around here and note the forcefield tower visible through a window in the wall, which you must shoot down. Enter the chamber that was blocked by the forcefield, shoot down another space fighter, and exit through the other door. Now you will come upon a long walkway with a series of turrets embedded into the wall on the right. It is possible to get across safely while avoiding them, but instead, use the Trespasser on an Invinco-Lock to the right, enter the building, and defeat them beforehand. Exit and continue, turning a corner to face a large group of robosquawkers, two space commandos, and most importantly, two fighters that are revealed when the rear wall slides away when you get close enough.

Before continuing, peek into the tiny holes embedded into the wall on the right to see some gunners. Mow them down with the Blaster to save yourself some trouble shortly hereafter. Follow the linear path, going across the now inactive turrets, and enter a magnetic elevator that will flip over, granting you access to a room where you can start off using your Magneboots. A huge amount of robosquawkers, six space commandos, and several blarg generators will litter the floor above you. Walk off the Magne-Strip to begin the battle, for which there are numerous strategies.

The space commandos are the most important targets, although their attacks will also harm any robosquawker. The latter are too numerous to fend off until their generators are destroyed, but they are otherwise easily defeated using either the Blaster, Suck Cannon, or Pyrocitor. They can also be distracted with the Decoy Glove. The Drone Device proves an excellent defensive measure, whereas the Glove of Doom proves less efficient due to the numerous enemies, in which case the Bomb Glove proves helpful. A new door will open once the room is cleared, allowing you to ride one last elevator to reach the end of the mission, leading to the next mission, "Shoot down Captain Qwark".

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