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Trophy: Hit Me More!
Complete "Buy the Premium Nanotech" Bronze
Trophy: Nano This!
Complete "Buy the Ultra Nanotech" Silver

Explore as Ratchet, Buy the Premium Nanotech, and Buy the Ultra Nanotech[a] were missions in Ratchet & Clank. Upon acquiring the O2 Mask, Ratchet was finally able to explore on Orxon, where he found a nanotech dispenser that sold both Premium and Ultra Nanotech. By following an earlier route during the mission, he was able to catch an infobot.

Completion of the latter two missions in the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita versions of Ratchet & Clank will unlock the bronze trophy Hit Me More!, and silver trophy Nano This!, respectively.


You will stand in front of a lone and tall platform, which you must use to glide down a lower plateau with a sleeping toxic crab. Encountered before, they are quite durable and their crab claws hit fast as well, therefore you should not take them lightly in larger groups. Dispatch the power source for the barrier, and you will then encounter two darters behind it, a type of flying animal that will attempt to hit you by divebombing. Their flight and attack speed makes them a bit more difficult to hit, but not a problem as long as you are aware of their position. Lastly, you will notice a small blue creature sleeping amidst a trio of crabs on the next plateau. This is creature is known as a screamer, and it will wake up the crabs if you get too close to it. The Blaster needs but a single shot to kill it, and does so quietly as well, allowing you to more easily fend off the sleeping crabs (or even bypass entirely).

You will find a Gadgetron vendor after deactivating the barrier and a split in the path. The "Catch the Infobot" mission follows along the right path, while the current mission continues left. Technically, the mission encompasses both the left and the start of the right route up until the infobot. On the right, you will encounter two large groups of toxic crabs, though both can be dispatched at range. Approaching the infobot triggers the next mission, so for this mission, you must follow the left path.

Upon doing so, a blarg saucer will appear, occupying the end of the path and firing a continuous stream of rockets in an attempt to stop you. Use either the Devastator or Visibomb Gun to take it down, and then enter the factory at the end. Two blarg space commandos guard the interior area, but can easily be killed. A third space commando and four darters await you behind another barrier, as well as another saucer, which reveals itself when you near the pipes that function as platforms. Make your way across after destroying it. You will then run into two toxic crabs.

Note a pipe embedded in the rock on the right. By using the Blaster, you can snipe a screamer. Head around the rock to run into a large group of nine toxic crabs and another screamer. Either eliminate the latter and the two power sources to bypass quietly, or take them down safely from the lone platform nearby. Be careful of the explosive crates placed on platform behind the barrier, as jumping past and moving to avoid any explosion will lead you straight into two toxic crabs. The last area is guarded by two lone space commandos, after which you can take a floating platform to reach the nanotech dispenser and ideally purchase the Premium Nanotech. Afterwards, you can return to the landing pad through a nearby shortcut, leading through the path Clank took earlier.


  1. Technically, this mission does not appear in the in-game menu mission list, but is otherwise marked as such on the map.
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