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The Eviscerator is an antagonist in Deadlocked. He was a powerful cybernetic insectoid creature, and a member of the Exterminators, an elite DreadZone. He was a sadistic gladiator who enjoyed slaughtering DreadZone contestants left and right, and was the only Exterminator unable to speak. He was defeated by Ratchet and Team Darkstar in the Vindicator Tournament.


The Eviscerator faces Ratchet in his final battle

The Eviscerator, unlike the other Exterminators, had little backstory and never spoke. He was a creature of an unknown species who fought in DreadZone, and at some point became one of the Exterminators. He was known for his knowledge of fine win and gourmet dining, and for handing contestants their own bladders. He was precise enough to have once showed a DreadZone contestant his own endocrine system. DreadZone also developed a method of communicating with him: when asked a question, he would disembowel a DreadZone security bot for "yes", and make it eat its own left arm for "no".[1] He terminated several contestants, including a Three-Eyed Robonoid gladiator, and it is said that none of his opponents had survived sixty seconds against him. He was then defeated by Ratchet in the Vindicator Tournament.



The Eviscerator is a large, insector wore incredibly strong Carbonox Armor and wielded razor-sharp titanium blades. These blades seemed to be comprised of four parts, one on each elbow that protruded backward, while the other two were on the Eviscerator's wrists. All of these blades could be triggered independently from each other.


The Eviscerator was a very intelligent creature, whose precision and grace were native to his species. He had extensive knowledge of fine wine and gourmet dining.[1]

In combat, the Eviscerator wielded razor-sharp titanium blades, which he used with great precision; at one point, he showed a contestant their own endocrine system.[1] He also had the ability to generate an impenetrable forcefield around himself for protection, which could only be penetrated by The Harbinger. He could also summon tremors to help. He was also able to shoot a vibronic ray out a ball of sonic energy that he formed in his hands and also fired small targeting missiles. He was also incredible quick and agile, performing backflips and cartwheels around the Battledome arena.

Behind the scenes

Concept Art without and with his carbonox armor

The Eviscerator's name is derived from the word "eviscerate", whose meaning is similar to that of disembowelment (i.e., to cut open the flesh of a creature or being and remove its internal organs). The Eviscerator resembles a praying mantis, and attacks in a similar way to one.

It is possible that the Eviscerator was a tremor, or perhaps their leader, as he showed some characteristics of a Tremor, and he was able to only summon Tremors to its aid.

Notes and references

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