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Eudora is a planet in the Solana Galaxy featured in Ratchet & Clank. It is a forest planet, with large tree coverage. The planet came under attack by Chairman Drek, who wished to harvest the trees for his new planet, and sent his Robot Lieutenant leading an army of robotic lumberjacks to harvest them, and constructed a logging site.

Eudora does not appear in the 2016 re-imagined Ratchet & Clank.


The Robot Lieutenant speaking on Planet-Cam.

Ratchet and Clank visited the logging site after seeing an infobot on Kerwan showing Drek's broadcast to his robot lieutenant. After the two set off to the planet, the robots had successfully harvested enough trees for Drek's new world. Nonetheless, Drek instructed the robots to remain and destroy all other trees on the planet out of spite. In "Confront robot lieutenant", Ratchet and Clank arrived and confronted the lieutenant, who fled rather than fighting them, leaving behind an infobot with coordinates to the Blarg Tactical Research Station. In "Explore the mills", the two also found the Suck Cannon.


Logging site

Map layout of the logging site.

The logging site is situated on a collection of large white-gray rock plateaus, rising from the misty depths below and culminating in levels, platforms, and hills of various heights. Said rock formations are quite interconnected, but the majority of them are inaccessible due to height differences and the terrain itself. Grass covers nearly all of the plateau and hilltops, as well as on numerous ledges, along with various other plants and shrubbery.

Eudora under deforestation.

Broad-leaved trees are a common sight, despite the attempts of the blarg to cut them down en masse, whose presence is evident due to the number of construction devices still present, automated drones flying around, and various structures located around the area. Their constructions are signified by a bright yellow paint job, seen on the collapsible drawbridges, which are, along with tree-stump mounted and floating platforms, the primary way of navigating through the logging site. They are all operated by bolt cranks, though at times the only way across is by stretch jumping and gliding across canyons and gaps with the Heli-Pack.

Structures at the logging site.

To the rear of the landing pad is a small structure with an Invinco-Lock, which leads to a canyon, in which a few bolt cranks activate a series of platforms and versa-targets, which must be traversed to reach another Invinco-Lock. This building is home to the robot lieutenant, and exits onto the starting location. From there, the only available path leads across a bridge, following along two more bridges and several machines used for harvesting the trees. Near the end is a hydraulic platform that leads to a more sparse area, featuring bigger structures that are guarded by big axebots and several blarg troopers.

Behind the scenes

Concept art for the original game

Eudora was one of the first worlds created for the game.[1] It was originally intended to be a forest city, but changed drastically throughout production, and later became a robot-only area.[1]

The blue mushrooms scattered throughout the level have an image of Dan Johnson's face on them.

In an early build of the game, the planet was named Ferwon instead of Eudora.[2]