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Trophy: The Little Robot That Could
Complete "Escape the factory" Bronze

Escape the factory is the second mission in the re-imagined Ratchet & Clank, taking place in Skorg City on planet Quartu. After shortly being created as a warbot defect in a robot factory, Clank proceeded to make his escape from the facility. Chairman Drek sent Victor Von Ion to chase after Clank and destroy him, though Clank managed to escape him and fled the planet to warn the galaxy about Drek's plans.

Completing this mission will unlock the bronze trophy The Little Robot That Could.


Clank has a similar moveset to Ratchet, also coming with the ability to double jump. In place of Ratchet's OmniWrench, you can have Clank throw punches by pressing Square, and perform a combo attack by throwing three punches in succession. Pressing Square in midair allows him to slam the ground below. Clank does not, however, have access to weapons.

You must run towards the camera in a linear direction. When reaching a locked-down door, open it by punching the green button. Once inside the room, grab the floating bomb with Square, and the same button again to throw it at the barrier blocking access to the next room. This room contains a springbot in the center. As with the bomb, grab it and throw it towards the wall in front, then jump on the springbot to bounce from it and reach a higher level. Throw it just in front of the wall so you can make it up there, but not too close or else its spring will not be able to expand. Once on this level, throw the bomb to destroy the barrier blocking the vent, then travel down inside.

In the next area, after running towards the camera for a moment, Victor Von Ion will destroy the wall where Clank was and begin chasing him. Keep running along the path towards the camera, making sure to double jump over Victor's laser, which he fires in an arc on the ground. Victor will also aim missiles at Clank, though the target trajectory for the missiles will always be revealed below Clank's feet, and these can also be dodged by double jumping over them as soon as the yellow target turns red after three beeps. The chase will lead Clank under two sets of pipes. Victor will break through the first set with ease, though the second set contains water, which he is vulnerable to. Upon breaking these pipes, Victor will be stopped in his path, giving you time to pick up the bomb and throw it at the barrier blocking the vent.

You will then be led into another area with more Gadgebots. Pick up the powerbot here and throw it towards the machine on the right, next to the door in front. As you pass through, leave the powerbot in its place to keep the door open. The next room contains a springbot and another powerbot, with two walls leading to platforms on top. First, throw the springbot towards the wall on the left, then pick up the powerbot and bounce up. Next, throw the powerbot towards the machine here to open a door, revealing a tiny room with a green button. By hitting the button, you will reveal a bridge connecting from the platform on the right to a vent. Jump down and throw the springbot to the wall on the right, then bounce up to the top of this section. Destroy the vent using the bomb here, then pass through it.

The next area is the final linear area in which you will continue running from Victor. As before, run towards the camera and dodge Victor's attacks by jumping. This time, be sure to also dodge the fire found along the path by moving left or right, while still running towards the camera or double-jumping over it. Like before, Victor will break through another set of pipes containing water, allowing you to pick up a bomb and throw it at the closed vent leading outside, concluding the mission.