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Escape the Tyhrranoid Ambush is a mission in Up Your Arsenal taking place in Lot 42, Holostar Studios. While Clank was filming an episode of Secret Agent Clank, Ratchet waited by Clank's trailer for him to finish. While waiting, he was ambushed by a group of tyhrranoids, and returned to his ship.

This mission is one of two missions, along with "Save Blackwater City", required to continue with the mission "Find Skidd" on Obani Draco. At the end of this mission, an optional segment with the Gravity Boots on Holostar Studios opens. The skill point "Feeling Lucky?" can also be acquired during this mission.


In this mission, you control Ratchet on his own, meaning you cannot use the Heli-Pack or Thruster-Pack. As the mission opens, you are introduced to a new enemy type: the 'noid commander. This is a large, green tyhrranoid that fires a strong green blast from its pistol, which does considerable damage but can be dodged with a well-timed jump. Weapons such as the Annihilator, Flux Rifle, or Disc Blade Gun are useful here, though strong weapons such as the Nitro Launcher are also viable. The one-eyed tyhrranoids, on the other hand, are fairly easy enemies as usual.

When you defeat it, you will have access to the Gadgetron vendor. The Rift Inducer becomes available, a weapon that creates a black hole that sucks in nearby enemies. This is an extremely potent weapon, especially when upgraded, and can provide useful map control by destroying clusters of enemies in an area. However, while the Rift Inducer is useful against most enemies here, it is largely ineffective against the most powerful enemies due to its low level at the moment. It is recommended to avoid purchasing it if you do not have all the other weapons yet.

After using the vendor, head right inside a building, where you will fight a group of one-eyed and three-eyed tyhrranoids, as well as another commander. If you have the Rift Inducer, it can be used to clear out many of these enemies while you use the Annihilator or Disc Blade Gun to focus on the 'noid commander or remaining three-eyed tyhrranoids, otherwise the Miniturret Glove or Agents of Doom are acceptable substitutes while the commander is the main target.

As you exit the building, a larger force of three-eyed tyhrranoids appear with a commander, and a tyhrranoid dropship will fly in to drop more reinforcements, and a commander flies in later. Focus on the two commanders while the rifts or miniturrets deal with the rest of the enemies, and then clean up the rest. Use the Hacker to activate an elevator and head up to a room with a tyhrranoid commander on one side and a group of three-eyed and one-eyed tyhrranoids on the left. Destroy the commander on the right and the next that appears, as they can do much more damage, then clean up the ones on the left and use the Hacker again to open the gate.

Defeat the three-eyed tyhrranoid across the gap and then swing across with the Hypershot, and as you head right, a few 'noid commanders will fly in. Shoot them before swinging across, defeat the one-eyed tyhrranoids, and a tyhrranoid dropship will block the way forward, firing at you. Dodge its attacks, and use a powerful weapon to deal with it. After this, use the Hypershot again and glide down to an open area with more three-eyed tyhrranoids and commanders. Make sure to dodge all the attacks carefully by strafing and side flipping often, and then head forward to the last building. Once again, more 'noid commanders appear, along with more three-eyed tyhrranoids. The same strategies apply: dodge the attacks, focus on the commanders, use the Rift Inducer or Agents of Doom to supplement damage and focus on the others, and then clear out the rest.

If you have completed "Save Blackwater City" on Rilgar, you can now complete an optional segment with the Gravity Boots to obtain two titanium bolts, and can proceed to the next mission, "Find Skidd". Otherwise, complete the missions on Rilgar (which are available just after the missions "Repair the Satellite laser links" and "Explore the Second Moon" on Obani Gemini) to continue.

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