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Escape the Starship is a mission in Up Your Arsenal taking place in the Leviathan, docked at the Zeldrin Starport. After Ratchet and Captain Qwark confronted Dr. Nefarious on his ship, he revealed it was merely a trap and initiated the self-destruct sequence. Qwark remained behind, while Ratchet fled the ship.


For this mission, you will have a countdown of one minute for how long you have left to escape the ship. Though soldier bots and ninja bots do appear, it is not necessary to destroy them, and the mission is complete once you return to the shuttle at the end. If the timer expires, the ship explodes and the screen will flash white, and you will have to restart the mission.

Only fight the soldier bots and ninja bots if you can destroy them with little effort to avoid taking too much time, as they still can provide bolts and experience to level up your weapons. Otherwise, simply focus on escaping as quickly as possible. When you reach the platform serving as an elevator down to the acid bridge, use a long jump across, as part of the bridge is out, before it descends, and then long jump again to continue.

Before you reach the shuttle, a large group of soldier bots appear. The Rift Inducer is the best weapon in this scenario, especially when combining multiple black holes, otherwise, the Nitro Launcher or Annihilator will suffice in clearing them out. Once you get past them, get to the shuttle to complete the mission. This will immediately take you to the Starship Phoenix, for the next mission, "Play vid-comic Episode Four".

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