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Ephemeris, also known as the Creature Collector, was a vast interstellar machine in Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One. It was The Loki Master's base of operations. It was originally a Servitor drone that was repurposed by Dr. Croid, but later modified by the Loki Master and Nevo Binklemeyer. Ratchet, Clank, Qwark and Dr. Nefarious were kidnapped by Ephemeris and transported to planet Magnus along with the Light-Eating Z'Grute.

Ephemeris used a Versatron energy dock to charge its power and emitted a High-frequency sonar ping in order to prevent ships from flying into it.


Ephemeris was initially a small sentry drone created by Dr. Croid in the wake of his associate Nevo's supposed betrayal, theft of Croid's Protomorphic Energy Extractor and kidnapping of Croid's pet Mr. Dinkles (who, at this time, was under the possession of the Loki Master). Croid gave it one mission: to find Mr. Dinkles and Nevo. However, at an unknown period of time, the Loki Master found Ephemeris and forced Nevo to modify Ephemeris for interstellar travel. He also had Nevo build him an army of robots called collectors (or Minions). With this, the Loki Master used the machine to travel the galaxy, capturing the most dangerous predators in the galaxy and bringing them to Magnus. He wanted enough creatures for him and his kind to use as hosts so that they could spread across the galaxy to cause havoc. This plan worked for over a century, and the Ephemeris collected over 22,000 creatures around the universe (like if the Ephemeris captured a creature every two days since its creation), to bring them on Magnus.

This plan was stopped; however, by the combined efforts of the heroes. They then used Ephemeris to travel back to planet Igliak. Its fate afterwards is unknown.[1]

Creatures Ephemeris is known to have Captured

People captured

Worlds and Moons Ephemeris Collected Creatures From

Bogon Galaxy

Polaris Galaxy

Solana Galaxy


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