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Enter the Megacorp Games, Purchase Levitator, and Win the Infiltrator are missions in Going Commando taking place on planet Joba. After the Mathematician invited them to the Megacorp Games, Ratchet and Clank traveled to Joba to compete. After battling through native tribesmen, the two eventually met the Shady Salesman, whom they had encountered on their previous adventure, who sold them the Levitator to allow them to enter the arena. The two then earned the Gravity Boots and Infiltrator as part of the games.

This is one of two missions that can be completed on Joba, along with "Win the Megacorp Hoverbike Race". During this mission, it is possible to earn a nanotech boost, two platinum bolts and the "Bye bye birdies" skill point.


The Plasma Coil and Spiderbot Glove become available at the Megacorp vendor. The Plasma Coil is an extremely powerful and versatile weapon, useful both against groups of enemies and single targets, as it fires a ball of plasma that will damage any nearby enemies it comes in contact with. However, it is absolutely unaffordable at this stage, and should not be purchased until later, such as after winning more challenges on the planet. The Spiderbot Glove, on the other hand, creates a remote controlled spider that will explode upon reaching enemies; it is a rather situational weapon. Despite that, it is very cheap and can prove useful against the unaware Joba tribesmen, or those operating turrets.

If the Lava Gun or Minirocket Tube have not been purchased by now, both will be useful against the enemies here, though keep in mind that you will also need 20,000 bolts to complete this mission, and that you will earn a lot of bolts by beating the challenges available near the end. Consider completing "Win the Megacorp Hoverbike Race" first and the challenges in the Deep Space Disposal Facility, and then coming back to this mission later. If the Minirocket Tube is still not affordable, and you do not have at least 10,000 bolts left over to start this mission, obtain a few more desert crystals on Tabora.

From where you land, head up the next cliff, and you will encounter a group of Joba tribesmen, similar to the Vukovar tribesmen in both weaponry and behavior, but much more durable. These are best defeated with the Minirocket Tube or Lava Gun, and it is useful to also use the Synthenoids for added firepower. The Spiderbot Glove is also a good choice due to their initial unawareness of you and grouped positioning. The path for this mission is in the building on the left, opened with the Dynamo.

Use the Dynamo to create a path across and open the door at the end of the room. This will also create a wave of tribesmen and saur-beasts; use the Minirocket Tube against them before they can close in, and quickly run to the end of the room (or simply wait for it to close and reopen it). Take the ladder up on the left and ahead of you up two steps is a group of tribesmen, one of which can control a turret. Either jump only one step and use the Pulse Rifle or Spiderbot Glove (hold L1 to aim it and reach the upper step) to take them out from a safe distance. Alternatively; confront them, use the Decoy Glove and cause the turret to turn away from you, then kill the tribesman manning the turret to take it over. Either way, after dealing with them, stand on the switch on the left to open a door leading inside a building, inside which are two tribesmen and a saur-beast. Deal with them, had inside, then take the ladder up on the left.

You will reach a path to an area with more tribesmen around a turret (it is also possible to obtain a platinum bolt by using the Swingshot to your right and fighting some enemies), take note of a hidden pistol user behind a column on the left. Use the Pulse Rifle or Spiderbot Glove to clear the enemies from a distance, or close in on them with the Minirocket Tube (though due to the threat posed here, the Synthenoids and Miniturret Glove are an absolute requirement for backup). Afterwards, stand on the switch, opening two doors, one on the left with two saur-beasts and one on the right with two tribesmen; defeat them, and then head through the door on the right.

Use the Dynamo on the trigger and hop on the translucent platform. It will travel along a path up the wall to the top, but underneath several obstacles and platforms that appear from the wall. Double jump over the first, and either use the Heli-Pack over the second or crouch to avoid it. Dodge the third, double jump over the fourth and fifth, and dodge the sixth. Jump over the seventh, crouch to avoid the eighth, and use the Heli-Pack to boost jump over the ninth. When the Dynamo heads up to the tenth and eleventh obstacles, jump on the obstacle on the right, then when the obstacle on the left is free to jump on, jump across to it, and then jump across the next obstacles on the left and finally land back on your green platform. This will take you up to another building.

This building has a pair of tribesmen standing in the center, a third one pacing behind them, and another pair nearby two turrets on a high ledge at the back of the room. The first three enemies will, if under attack by you, proceed to press the nearby button pads on the left and right hand sides, unleashing a single saur-beast each, and the two in the back will proceed to man the turrets. The two turret operators also have a clear view of the entire room and doorway, making it difficult to engage the first floor enemies without at least taking care of them. Also, there are two tribesman each hiding in the alcoves on the left and right ends of the room, behind the locked rooms. Each pair consists of a swordsman and a pistol user, and will only reveal themselves if you get halfway through the room. Lastly, a hidden third swordsman hides behind the turrets, and will operate a final button pad, opening the last door to reveal another two pistol users.

The turrets take priority, thus use either the Minirocket Tube or Pulse Rifle to handle the two nearby tribesmen. The Miniturret Glove, Synthenoids and Decoy Glove can all prove useful as either back-up or a distraction, although the enemy forces present will likely require reckless use of the Minirocket Tube and Lava Gun to handle all the enemies. Be careful of the final ambush atop the ledge once the turrets are dealt with, afterwards exit through the door to reach a balcony.

On the right of the balcony is a zipline down to a platform. A cutscene will commence, after which, purchase the Levitator for 20,000 bolts. To use the Levitator, stand on the blue pad, and hold X to fly upwards, and release to descend slowly while in the air, ensuring you do not run out of fuel. Your destination is directly ahead of the Levitator pad (it is also possible to gain a platinum bolt here); fly forwards holding X, until you reach a balcony next to the arena. Head inside the arena.

Battle for the Gravity Boots

Cage Match for the Infiltrator

After completing these challenges, you will be required to use the Infiltrator to exit the arena. The Infiltrator puzzle is mostly trial and error, requiring you to use the Left analog stick to guide the volt around the sphere to reach an endpoint.

Once the Infiltrator has been used allowing you to exit, it is wise to complete more arena challenges, but also to return to Oozla and use the Gravity Boots to fight swamp monster II for the Box Breaker.

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