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Endako is a planet featured in Going Commando, with cameo appearances in Up Your Arsenal, Size Matters, and Secret Agent Clank. It is an urban planet home to the sprawling city of Megapolis, and a hub for Megacorp. Megapolis is noted for its expansive skyline of pristine, modern buildings, circling a large structure with two towers and robot cleaners. Clank had an apartment in Megapolis while working as Megacorp's head accountant.

Clank first moved to Megapolis while Ratchet was recruited as a Megacorp commando. He was later kidnapped by Angela Cross, known then as the Unknown Thief, in an attempt to intimidate and trap Ratchet. Ratchet then visited Endako himself to rescue Clank. He also defeated the Thug Leader, who attempted to assassinate Ratchet after his employees had failed to defeat him. Ratchet and Clank lived in their apartment on Endako for many years after the events of Going Commando.


Going Commando

Qwark disguised as Fizzwidget in his office on Endako

The first glimpse of Endako was right at the beginning, when Qwark, disguised as Abercrombie Fizzwidget, phoned his secretary, Miss Noodlebottom, while watching an episode of Behind the Hero featuring an interview with Ratchet and Clank. The duo were then teleported onto a spaceship, where Fizzwidget recruited Ratchet as his commando. Clank was given a job as Megacorp's head accountant, with a luxury penthouse apartment on Megapolis, complete with a state of the art robotic masseuse.[1]

While Clank was at his apartment, his admirer was about to bring him flowers and knocked on his door. Angela Cross then scared the admirer away, and knocked again, luring Clank out. When Clank answered the door, Angela abducted him and took him to a room. Angela then filmed a transmission, in which she electrocuted Clank, warning Ratchet that further harm would come if he did not return to the Solana Galaxy. Ratchet was at the Maktar Resort at the time, receiving the message via a photo booth.

Ratchet using the Electrolyzer to rescue Clank.

When Ratchet arrived at Endako, he found Megacorp Sweeper Bots, Laser Bots, and Rivet Bots, normally used for cleaning and construction, had malfunctioned and become hostile.[2] In "Rescue Clank from the thief", Ratchet traveled through a series of buildings, activating their cranes using the Electrolyzer, to find the room where Clank was held. Angela then kicked him down into the room, leaving him with no escape aside from an air duct only Clank could fit through.[3] After Ratchet repaired Clank with the Electrolyzer, Clank set out on the mission "Free Ratchet", wherein he commanded microbots to navigate to a switch, allowing them to escape the room.

In "Visit Clank's apartment", Ratchet suspected that the rent had still been paid off and that there may be useful items left behind.[4] On the way, the Thug Leader, in his helicopter, confronted Ratchet, disappointed in his employee's failure to eliminate Ratchet.[5] After Ratchet shot down his helicopter, he found his old Swingshot and Grind Boots still in the room.

Clank with Ratchet, Angela, and his admirer in his apartment

Ratchet later returned to the same path he had taken to Clank's apartment, and used the Grind Boots to grind across rails on the city. This led him to a button used to call Slim Cognito, who offered him weapon mods.

After taking care of the Protopet menace, Ratchet, Clank, his admirer, and Angela Cross hung out in Clank's apartment.

After Going Commando

Ratchet and Clank on Endako in Up Your Arsenal.

Ratchet and Clank continued to live in the apartment. In Up Your Arsenal, the two played chess and watched holovision shows, including the series Secret Agent Clank, for recreation. Meanwhile, Ratchet continued to be a mechanic as a hobby, and built a gravimetric warp drive from blargian scrap metal, which he did not test.[6] After Ratchet saw a Channel 64 News broadcast showing that Veldin, his home planet in the Solana Galaxy, was under attack by an army of tyhrranoids led by Dr. Nefarious, he fitted the warp drive to his ship, the Star Explorer, and the two returned to Solana.

During Size Matters, Ratchet saw Clank's apartment as part of his dreamtime sequence.

Ratchet and Clank hung out in their apartment at the end of both Size Matters and Secret Agent Clank. In the former, the two returned after defeating Otto Destruct, seeing that the Ratchet clones had been given a new purpose sold as an action figure. In the latter, the two used the defeated Klunk as a vacuum cleaner.

Several critters in All 4 One were mentioned as hailing from Endako, including the Blue Horned Drakocktor, Raging Purple Drakocktor, Hot Lava Drakocktor, Sea Foam Drakgoon, Creeping Willow Drakgoon, and the Rare Golden Drakgoon.



Map layout of Megapolis.

Endako's surface appears to be all but entirely urbanized, with its structures visible from space. This would suggest the planet is an ecumenopolis, or at least home to a large megalopolis on its largest continent, as its name suggests. More evidence of this is the lack of flora on Endako. Despite this and a large amount of traffic, its air seems entirely clean.

Megapolis is a sprawling cityscape with tall skyscrapers and dense skyway traffic. It has a very consistent and clean aesthetic, all of its skyscrapers having a white, green, yellow, red, and grey color scheme with a similar appearance. These skyscrapers are all maintained by Megacorp cleaning robots, including its Sweeper Bots and Laser Bots.[2] The skyscrapers are traversed using walkways and floating platforms held up by a small vehicle powered by two canisters. Megapolis uses a form of teleportation called a translocator. Both the transponder and the floating platforms seen in the city are unique to Megapolis.

An overview of Megapolis.

The city's walkways are lit by street lamps and largely filled with robot workers, including the cleaner bots, Rivet Bots aiding in construction,[2] and floating camera robots that hover in the air. The Megacorp logo is prominent throughout the city, as floating billboards are seen often, the logo is seen painted on doors, and the Megacorp logo is sometimes engraved into the ground, suggesting Megacorp was responsible for their construction.

The floors of most buildings have a metal grating, with red tubes below them that emit great heat, presumably a power source for the skyscrapers. Many buildings have metal drawers and terminal screens mounted on the walls. Two contain simple magnetic cranes suspended from the ceilings that can pick up large blocks (including an explosive variant), and are controlled by terminal stations activated by the Electrolyzer.

Ratchet's ship lands on a landing pad connected to a walkway, with a fork leading to two other paths: one path on the left through construction buildings, and one on the right to a different area of the city.

Path to free Clank

The path to the area Clank is held is seen in "Rescue Clank from the thief", and is connected to the central structure. The beginning of the path is adjacent to the landing pad, following through construction buildings with operable cranes. The path begins with the entrance to the first building, guarded by a metal door to a building inside, with another door immediately past it as a form of two-tiered security. Inside is a building with a basic room, a corridor through a heated floor, and another room with a crane operator, which operates the crane for a small room directly behind it. A block, when placed by the crane, can provide a path to a corridor leading to an exit out of the building and on to a balcony.

The red room near Clank.

Two floating platforms provide a path across the gap onto a walkway. The end of the walkway is a metal door to a dead-end room from which Sweeper Bots warp in, while half way up the walkway are steps up to a path to another building, with a gap in between the walkway and a balcony with steps leading into it. This leads into a room inside with another crane operator, though the path from this room to this behind it is initially blocked off blocked off by a metal gate, only destructible using an explosive block. Three rooms are connected behind this, with a crane operating through each of them. The exit in the third leads to a corridor with two metal doors, beyond which are small compartments warping in Sweeper Bots, and one elevator shaft up to a short, bending corridor into a square, empty room with a small torture bed where Angela kept Clank.

The beginning of the path to free Ratchet.

In the area Clank is held, a locked gate leads out to the central structure, and a ventilation shaft leads to the path Clank takes in "Free Ratchet". The ventilation shaft leads to a circular room with a large fan beneath a glass floor, with a short balcony down to a glass sky bridge where two skyscrapers are connected by walkways. The skyscrapers both similarly have large fans in their ceilings and floors, and contain microbots. At the end of the linked buildings, a walkway connects back to the area on which the building Clank was held in is located, and thus forms a path overlooking the central structure.

From the building Clank was held in, a path comprising large blocks and an elevator shaft leads to a balcony overlooking the central structure.

Central structure

The central structure is the tallest skyscraper in the city, an enormous building around which the rest of the city circles. It is an immense skyscraper with a grey base, two white towers, yellow windows, and a blue glow emitted from the base into the sky. Due to its apparent importance, it is possible that the structure contains Fizzwidget's office. On the side of the building is a lit up circular path, which does not appear to connect to anything and has no door inside. A small pad containing a translocator can be found on the south side of the building's balcony.

Path to Clank's apartment

The small room on the path to Clank's apartment.

From the right path of where the Star Explorer lands is the seen in "Visit Clank's apartment", leading across several walkways and buildings with trash cans along them. Knocking trash recepticles over can deactivate forcefield gates blocking the way as Megacorp Sweeper Bot and Laser Bots are warped in to clean up the trash. The path continues along the sides of and through more skyscrapers, with floating platforms occasionally used to bridge gaps in the balconies. Along the side of the path, a versa-target above the red grind rails is present.

Ratchet facing off against the Thug Leader.

At the very end of the path is a skyscraper with several compartments from which Sweeper Bots and Laser Bots are warped in, and an exit leads to a walkway outside. On the end of this walkway is a round platform with intermittently placed walls of Ratchet's height, where Ratchet fought the Thug Leader. After defeating him, the platform was replaced with a translocator to Clank's apartment.

Clank's apartment

Clank's apartment.

Clank's apartment is visited in Going Commando, and seen in Up Your Arsenal, Size Matters, and Secret Agent Clank. It is a luxury penthouse suite with state of the art robotic masseuse,[1] rented by Clank.[4] It is one of Ratchet and Clank's homes, and was their primary residence until returning to Solana in Up Your Arsenal. The apartment is also seen in the Dreamtime sequence in Size Matters.

The entrance to the apartment is a metal door on a balcony outside (which is open when Ratchet arrives). Inside, the apartment is a wide, spacious room, with a window providing a view of the cityscape. The apartment has a workout bench with a barbell, a black round device (which appears to be a shower) almost twice Ratchet's height attached to the wall, a fridge, a kitchen sink, and a table in front of a large holovision screen with both a metal sofa and a metal armchair around it. When Ratchet visited in "Visit Clank's apartment", the screen had an image of Jak and Daxter.

The exterior of the apartment.

A back exit in the room leads out to a balcony, with a ladder down to a bridge below across to a platform with rotating black metal dishes (which appear to be rotating satellite dishes). The platform's roof can only be reached with a Swingshot. Two identical platforms are found behind this one, and the third contains a translocator back to where Ratchet's ship landed.


The beginning of the grind rail section.

The red grind rails are an optional area reached half-way along the path in "Visit Clank's apartment" with the Swingshot latching onto a versa-target by the open space next to an elevator shaft. It leads to a series of connected rails held up by pillars that travel in between skyscrapers. Rings can be found along the rail that have to be dodged by jumping over them, and some rails have large gaps that need to be crossed with the Swingshot. Eventually, the rails lead on to a large platform, with a button used to call Slim Cognito in order to use his weapon mod vendor services.


Endako is apparently an important planet for Megacorp. Despite the Megacorp Headquarters being based on Yeedil, Fizzwidget's office is on Megapolis, possibly in the large central structure. When Clank worked as the head accountant, he was given a penthouse apartment on Endako rather than on Yeedil, suggesting he commuted to a location on Endako.[1] Endako is also where Megacorp armor is designed.[7]

Despite high traffic and a complete lack of vegetation, Endako is perfectly breathable for organic lifeforms, suggesting artificial air is somehow created. However, the city still remained hostile to organic life forms, as during Ratchet's visit, cleaner bots had malfunctioned and were incapable of distinguishing between organic life forms and garbage.[2] It is likely that much of the population are robot civilians, similar to the ones seen throughout Bogon.

Behind the scenes

Ratchet on Endako

The Megapolis level was designed by Colin Munson.[8] During development, it went through several aesthetic changes. Early footage of the Megapolis level shows that it originally took place at night time. Additionally, the level would have featured several empty pipes along the walls, through which civilian robots would walk around the city. These empty pipes are still present in early alpha builds of the game but do not have robots walking through them.[9]

Concept art of Megapolis

In Clank's gameplay section, the Bridge Bot was initially difficult for the playtesters to understand. At first, playtesters thought the Bridge Bot was supposed to be finished after it was used and did not know it was meant to be reused. As a result, the Bridge Bot was made to automatically retract after crossing it. Additionally, one segment involving the Bridge Bot and Lifter Bot had to be removed: in the final portion of the section, the Lifter Bot would have had to lift up a block for the Bridge Bot to connect a bridge. This was removed and replaced with a standard bridge segment as playtesters could not understand it, meaning the Lifter Bot only ever had one use in the entire game.[10]

Unused dialogue present in the final release features a slightly longer cutscene when confronting the Thug Leader in "Shoot down the Thugs-4-Less ship", in which Clank is always present, and the Thug Leader has two more lines.[11] In the game, this scene ends abruptly after the Thug Leader's only line, as it is possible to attempt this mission before rescuing Clank, meaning the scene would make no sense.

The Game Pyramid in Clank's apartment was originally a PlayStation 2 as late as the September 4 build of the game.[12] This was removed due to Sony Computer Entertainment guidelines that a PlayStation 2 could not be included if it could also be attacked or destroyed. It was then changed to an Xbox, as a way to test if it would get past the test department, though this was removed also for similar reasons. Therefore, the game pyramid was created as a result.[13]

When the trash cans were smashed, the name "DAN! COLA" is visible on the soda cans that come out it. This is one of the many hidden references in the Ratchet & Clank series to a, now deceased, Insomniac Games employee Dan Johnson. This cannot be seen in HD collection, as they fall through the ground.



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