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Mind the superfluous blades of doom, they are superfluous! We figured out the appropriate amount of spinning blades, then intentionally added more. Mha! Mha! Mha Mha Mha!!!

Tachyon, ToD

Emperor Tachyon's Trail of Turning Terror was an "entertaining" obstacle course built by Tachyon with the help of his researchers. It is normally blocked off by a Mukow Defense Shield, and the only way to deactivate the shield is to collect all six Tachyon Statues in the Imperial Garden. After you collect them all, the shield deactivates and a recording of Tachyon will start playing applauding you for collecting all six of his "nice" statues and welcoming you to Emperor Tachyon's Trail of Turning Terrors before laughing maniacally. The first section consists of a hallway with spinning magnetic floors and chainsaws. After you leave that, you swing onto Imperial Fight Festival Teacup Rides until you reach a platform that brings you to ride a deadly Imperial Fight Festival Ferris Wheel. After the feris wheel even more Teacups await you. After riding that you enter a small garden with some Imperial Troopers. After their taken care of, you enter another hall of spinning magnetic floors, chainsaws along with some spinning spikes and glass window obstacles. Tachyon's voice recording tells you to mind the blades. He also says he and his researchers added the "appropriate amount of spinning blades, and then intentionly added more. After the trail is completed you will encounter some Tesladrones and collect the Charge Boots, a gold bolt (if you can find it) and some raritanium chest.


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