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Emperor Nefarious is a dimensional counterpart of Dr. Nefarious and the main antagonist of Rift Apart. He is the supreme ruler of the Nefarious Empire and all of the known universe in his home dimension.


Pre-Rift Apart

While it is not known if this Nefarious has a history in common with his main-dimension counterpart, it is hinted at towards the end of the game that this Nefarious's home dimension is merely less resilient than that of his counterpart's. Coupled with his increased sense of pragmatism, this Nefarious managed to conquer most of his home dimension with minimal trouble.

What is known about his past is that he, like his 2016 counterpart(s), had a falling out with Chairman Drek, resulting in the latter being turned into a sheep. His rule as emperor was later threatened by a resistance led by the Lombax rebel Rivet and her compatriots, chief among them being Phantom and Captain Quantum. His iron-fisted rule of the galaxy was aided by an oppressive army of troopers and seekerpedes; and to aid in the defense of his capital, Emperor Nefarious created KT-7461, a heavily armed robotic enforcer not unlike his counterpart's own Klunk.

Additionally, at some point Captain Quantum and his pirate crew managed to place a surveillance bug on the Emperor, enabling them to evade his capture.

Rift Apart

Sometime prior to his counterpart's invasion and usurping of his throne, this Nefarious had gone off on a "conquest" to presumably lay claim to some of the few remaining locations not under his oppression. His dimensional counterpart would occupy the emperor’s army without the latter’s knowledge.

It's not until Rivet, encouraged by Ratchet, engages Dr. Nefarious in battle that this Nefarious decides to make an entrance. With word getting out that the two were doing battle. This Nefarious showed up, stole the Dimensionator after having spectated the aforementioned battle, with great enjoyment, and used it to banish the audience who witnessed his counterpart's defeat. He then went to exterminate said counterpart, only for the Doctor to beg to assist the Emperor in his conquest, leading to a petty alliance between the two of them. He then addresses his subjects on Nefarious City, to call out Dr. Nefarious as a “Bumbling Quack with notions of grandeur”. He also declares he will deal with his citizens soon, having deduced that his citizens were so devoted to him to the point of not noticing the difference.

With his new ally, the Emperor immediately takes his efforts to Rivet's home planet, Sargasso. Although Rivet's efforts manage to save the planet from the Emperor's advances, he unceremoniously banishes her to a pocket dimension before leaving. Later, after Ratchet had successfully tracked down Quantum, the Emperor once again showed up merely to banish the two of them to his prison, although unbeknownst to him, Quantum tossed Ratchet to safety.

With the apparent defeat of both Ratchet and Rivet, alongside the confirmed capture of Phantom, Captain Quantum, and the robot pirates, the Emperor begins to celebrate his universal conquest, only to suddenly be stricken with a feeling of emptiness. Speaking from the robotic heart, his counterpart suggest that the Emperor feels the way he does because he's finally achieved total success, which means there's no longer anything to strive for. The Emperor then rudely retorts such notions and instead believes that he merely needs to enslave every dimension in order to feel happy. And so, the two of them set off to Savali in search of the Lombax Dimensional Map, capturing and imprisoning Gary, unable to find the map due to the monks having hidden it inside a dimensional anomaly. However, whilst Clank was inside the anomaly, the Emperor caught up with them, demanding the map as soon as Clank had reclaimed it, in exchange for sparing Ratchet's life. After receiving it, the two of them were promptly banished to the prison. Rivet and Kit show up too late and Kit elects to stay behind and hold off the Emperor while Rivet escapes, eventually resulting in her own imprisonment at the hands of the Doctor.

With their success all but secured, Emperor Nefarious officially announces his plans to conquer the multiverse, beginning with Ratchet's dimension, which inadvertently causes a rift in his relationship with the Doctor. Using the Dimensionator, complete with the dimensional map, he transports himself, alongside Dr. Nefarious, his army, and his Imperial Battle Armor to Ratchet's dimension, where he begins attacking Metropolis. Unbeknownst to him, Rivet had lead a prison break, enabling herself, Ratchet, Clank, the resistance members, the robot pirates, Quantum, Gary, the Monks, and the Goons-4-Less to all follow after and engage the Emperor in a massive final battle.

The Emperor's confidant façade slowly begins to crumble as the heroes gain the upper hand. His counterpart gradually becoming more and more fed up with his treatment at the hands of the Emperor. When his mech is destroyed, the Emperor attempts to bring his army down upon Rivet, only for Kit to come to her aid, forcing the Emperor to engage Rivet in direct combat. On the final legs of the fight, he attempts once again to call in his troopers, only for nobody to show up. Seeing his defeat as an inevitability, he attempts to overload the Dimensionator in an effort to wipe all of existence and erase his failure, but Kit throws Rivet at him, who smashes his head open with her hammer.

The heroes reclaim the Dimensionator and use it to summon Bubbles the Kraken who attempts to drag the Emperor to his doom. Clinging to his mech, he begs his counterpart to help him. Dr. Nefarious coldly refuses and kicks the Emperor's hand off the ledge, allowing Bubbles to capture (and presumably kill) the Emperor, putting an end to his reign of terror once and for all.



While superficially he and the Doctor are similar in silhouette, the Emperor is far taller than his counterpart, additionally sporting a glossy white chassis adorned with orange lights, a much smaller cranial dome, and more rounded features. At the center of his brow sits a somewhat teardrop-shaped crest with a symbol similar to totems found on the Lombax world Savali.

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While this Nefarious is an egomaniacal, sadistic, arrogant, and downright evil villain like his other-worldly counterpart, the key difference among them is that this Nefarious is much more pragmatic in his ambitions. In contrast to Dr. Nefarious, the Emperor's rule is swift and sure without the apparent need for a superweapon like a Biobliterator, control over a machine that affected time itself or a device to launch his enemies into space on an asteroid, only the strength of his armies. He isn't even concerned about gaining any extra riches or beneficial advantage, mainly only interested in the primary objective of seizing power for powers sake and continuing to win. Dr. Nefarious considered his counterpart's plans lacked a sense of elegance and flair. Despite this, Emperor Nefarious is relatively yet undeniably more knowledgeable and cunning, having managed to expand his empire over the whole universe when his counterpart hadn't even come close, proving the Emperor to be both a better strategist and a more formidable conqueror. The Emperor doesn't seem to be scientifically minded like his counterpart and is instead simply an extremely powerful and efficient tyrant.

Similar to his counterpart, however, Emperor Nefarious is extremely self-absorbed and narcissistic, having statues of his likeness surrounding his lair, having a city named after him and even music made by him played at clubs bearing his name. In addition, Emperor Nefarious can be just as hot-tempered as Dr. Nefarious, though while the doctor would simply shout and yell at those who infuriate him, Emperor Nefarious is more likely to resort to physical violence as he nearly used the Dimensionator on Dr. Nefarious for pretending to be him. He is also seemingly incapable of showing gratitude, even grudgingly, as when Dr. Nefarious used the Dimensionator to save him from Kit in her battle mode, he rudely snatched it back, and continued to abuse his counterpart as if the doctor was just a lackey to him. Though Emperor Nefarious teamed up with his counterpart, he nonetheless viewed Dr. Nefarious as incompetent and a failure due to his numerous defeats in his own home dimension, even telling his counterpart outright that he knew nothing about success, resulting in their partnership to be very tumultuous. He appears to not have an absolute contempt for organic life like his counterpart and is content subjugating both robots and organics alike, allowing them to exist purely at the service of his empire. However robots do appear to still be considered in a higher class over organics, with his robotic followers referring to them as "squishies" and gleefully boasting total robot domination. When Rivet was spotted on Corson V abducting and escaping with Clank by Nefarious troopers, the troopers pursued and ordered her to "release the hostage" implying that robots are indeed considered a higher class of citizen than organics and a priority.

Unlike his counterpart, he seems to have grown so used to victory, that even the seeming total subjugation of the galaxy after he banished Rivet to a pocket dimension and sealed Captain Quantum in Zordoom Prison, he did not feel satisfied at all - as Dr. Nefarious points out, without something to reach for, he feels life has no meaning (although he promptly ignored Dr. Nefarious' commentary and decided the real reason was that he was not the ruler of all dimensions yet, preparing a plan to conquer Ratchet's own universe).

Most of all, Emperor Nefarious possess a powerful superiority complex. He is mostly unconcerned with threats to his reign, often finding them amusing or annoying. Even when the Resistance or heroes like Rivet and Ratchet managed to fight back and gain a victory, Emperor Nefarious considered them little more than a setback or temporary victory. However, upon attempting to conquer Ratchet's dimension and finding its people refusing to surrender and bow before him, Emperor Nefarious couldn't fathom it. Even when he appeared to be winning and the heroes refusing to quit the fight, Emperor Nefarious struggled to comprehend the reality of it. As a result, Emperor Nefarious began to lose his composure and deny that he couldn't achieve what his counterpart could not. Emperor Nefarious apparently began to lose his mind when the heroes managed to defeat all of his armies, leaving him with nothing, driving him to attempt to destroy all dimensions with the Dimensionator. This reaction caused Dr. Nefarious' existing dislike of his counterpart to become outright contempt, accusing Emperor Nefarious of being his own worst obstacle in his schemes.

Much like Dr. Nefarious, Emperor Nefarious has proven to be a whiny coward when faced with true defeat, begging his counterpart to help him when being dragged by an angry kraken, only to be mocked and betrayed by using the same words he used on the doctor. He also has a penchant like the Doctor to use verbs in the style of "annihilate", "obliterate", "eradicate", "eliminate", "exterminate" etc. in the context of destroying things. They also appear to have a similar sense of humor, as Dr. Nefarious has attempted to make Lawrence laugh in the past by loudly reiterating if he heard him after saying something he thought was funny/witty, leading Lawrence to instead subtly insult him without the Doctor realizing it or simply ignore him. The Emperor instead actually has laughed along with him, on Sargasso when they were attempting to destroy the planet, the Doctor remarked it needed to "Sargass-go", eliciting a laugh from the Emperor which he soon attempted to cease with a cough, after realizing what he was doing. The only other person apart from the Emperor to share his sense of humor is his late Valkyrie girlfriend Cassiopeia.

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Despite their differences with success and achieving victories, Emperor Nefarious and Dr. Nefarious share many abilities in physical combat, with the Emperor appearing to have a slight strength advantage over him. Both possess the ability to fly using propulsion thrusters on their bodies, fire powerful lasers and energy projectiles, attack close range with their claw like appendages and telekinesis like powers that allow them to levitate/push objects/people. Even with their many similar abilities, they have different fighting styles when using them.

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Behind the scenes


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