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Eliminate the Enemy Forces is the second mission in Up Your Arsenal, taking place in the F-Sector on Veldin. After arriving in the Kyzil Plateau to fight alongside the Galactic Rangers and repel the tyhrranoid attack, Ratchet and Clank forced the tyhrranoids to fall back to a base in the F-Sector. Though the Rangers were ambivalent about going, Ratchet was adamant, and led an assault against F-Sector to finally repel the invasion.

This is the last mission in which the player can explore Veldin.


The mission begins with a HALO jump. During this segment, Ratchet will automatically jump from the dropship, along with a few Galactic Rangers, and then fall towards the ground. Use the Left analog stick to move around and dodge the incoming missiles. Several missiles will fly up towards you and the Rangers, though only the red ones will actually target you; avoid them by moving the Left analog stick and dodging. Two of the five Rangers will be destroyed by missiles, as is scripted, while the rest will safely land.

Once you land, you will be confronted with hordes of enemies including one-eyed tyhrranoids, two-eyed tyhrranoids, and mecha-tyhrranoids. The only new enemies are two-eyed tyhrranoids, which will fire their blaster in medium range; the projectile can be jumped over, or alternatively they can just be killed before they even get to fire. The Shock Blaster will be sufficient against the majority of enemies, while the Nitro Launcher can be used to destroy enemies that clump up. When tyhrranoid dropships arrive, simply defeat the enemies that the dropships release and otherwise ignore them; firing at the dropships at this stage is a waste of ammo.

After fighting a few waves, the Rangers will point out that the doors have opened. At this point, a large wave of enemies will come through this way; follow the red markers on the minimap to find the enemies, as the door will not be far behind them. Defeat them and then head through the door, and jump up to reach a rock wall. A tyhrranoid attack ship will appear here and block you; take cover behind the rocks, and then jump up and fire the Nitro Launcher twice to destroy it (if you are not in Lock Strafe Mode, ensure that you are strafing for this).

A bridge will then extend, leading to the Ranger dropship, and a cutscene will commence. You will then fly to Florana for the next mission, "Find the Mysterious Man".

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