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Blow a fuse? Need to fix that electrical short? Well, fret not, as the Electrolyzer can turn even the most technically challenged into a full fledged electrician! This item allows you to repair broken pieces of machinery at the flip of a switch (well, switches that is). Step right up to an Electrolyzer target and you will see what we mean.
— Manual description, GC

The Electrolyzer is an item in Going Commando. It is a handheld item that can repair circuits to power machinery, by flipping all connectors (all connectors are flipped at once using Circle) to direct moving blue particles to pass through them. If a particle hits the side of a connector, the puzzle restarts instead, but if all connectors are removed, the machine works properly afterwards.

Electrolyzer Portal render

An Electrolyzer Portal

The Electrolyzer is obtained in the Maktar Resort after completing the Galactic Gladiators challenge Battle for the Electrolyzer at the Maktar Resort. The Electrolyzer is used in Electrolyzer Portals found on planet Endako in Megapolis, on Dobbo in the Testing Facility, on Smolg in the Distribution Facility, as well as on Yeedil. It is also found in the Insomniac Museum.

Behind the scenes

In a demo of the game, Ratchet could equip the Electrolyzer and use it like a gadget, similar to the Trespasser, suggesting that it was changed to an unequippable item later in development.[1]

During development, Electrolyzer puzzles took hours to develop and were bug prone, as opposed to Infiltrator puzzles which were simpler to author. The Hacker in Up Your Arsenal was therefore designed to address the Electrolyzer's issues by having its minigames very easy to author.[2]