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Edwina,[1] also simply referred to as Ed, is a character in Ratchet & Clank, with a cameo in Up Your Arsenal. She is a robot engineer with skills similar to Al and Bob, and owns a small roboshack on planet Hoven. She provided Clank with a Hydro-Pack, a black market upgrade not endorsed by Gadgetron.[2] Edwina speaks with a thick country accent and wears a pink top with a bolt logo. She appears to have an affection for robots.

Edwina examining Clank

Edwina's Roboshack on Hoven

Ratchet and Clank met her during "Explore the Icy Wastes", when they found her roboshack. She paid little attention to Ratchet while being infatuated with Clank. Edwina offered Clank the black market[2] Hydro-Pack, which the two purchased from her for 2,000 bolts.

Edwina later appeared at the end of Up Your Arsenal, sitting with her brothers during the premiere for the Secret Agent Clank movie.

Behind the scenes

Edwina is voiced by Mona Marshall.

She is absent from the 2016 re-imagined game since planet Hoven is also absent, and the Hydro-Pack is available for Clank at the beginning.


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