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Ebaro was a planet located in an unnamed sector and in the Polaris Galaxy.


Ebaro was originally home to the ebarians, whose monks built and resided in the Hidden City of Balkai. A majority of the ebarians left for Meridian City after GrummelNet sold Inner Peace.

Like many worlds of the Polaris Galaxy, Ebaro soon became became occupied by the Imperial Empire, who built the Masteze Penal Colony, an Imperial Empire penal colony.[1] After Dr. Nefarious auditioned for Galactic Idol with the song Crushin' on Squishies, his debut album was used to torture prisoners inside the colony.

Ebaro appeared to have relatively little activity until Zurgo planned his revenge, building his Lair of Doom there and having Grungarian Marauders attack Ebaro. Despite defeating them, and reactivating the Planetary Defense Network, Zurgo then used the same Planetary Defense Network to turn Ebaro into a frigid wasteland, using an installed Galactic Weather Grid. The Q-Force was then forced to destroy the Planetary Defense Network, thus saving Ebaro. The Q-Force then confronted Zurgo in hisLair of Doom, which had been rigged with left over Thugs-4-Less bombs. The Q-Force defeated Zurgo and put and end to the grungarian menace.


Ebaro was a massive jungle, much like Florana, sprawling with giant trees and numerous bodies of water. When Zurgo used the weather altering devices (which were previously installed by Qwark into the Plantary Defense Network, to make the weather nice whenever he visited a planet during his presidential trips), the planet became a frozen cold jungle full of hungry grungoths.

Wildlife and Flora

Ebaro was likely a home to several indigneous species, being a massive rainforest after all. Grungoths could be found near the poles, but after Zurgo messed with the Galactic Weather Grid, they could be found everywhere.

Places of Interest


The Black Rock Moons of Ebaro, orbited Ebaro, though how many orbit Ebaro is unknown. These moons were home to the foul-tempered gravoids, suggesting the Black Rock Moons of Ebaro had very little gravity. Ephemeris stole many gravoids to be used as vessels for the Loki



Snow Storm Enemies


Snow Storm Minibosses

Behind the scenes

Ebaro has been mentioned several times throughout the Ratchet & Clank series and is first playable during the Grungarian crisis in Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault.