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The Dynamo of Doom is a weapon jointly manufactured by Grummel Net Industries and Pollyx Industries in A Crack in Time. It fires an electric orb which can be directed remotely, that travels across the battlefield and electrocutes enemies surrounding it.

The Dynamo of Doom can be purchased upon reaching Torren IV for 16,000 bolts. It can be upgraded to the Dynamo of Devastation with use, which features a magnetic coil and fires magnetic orbs. In challenge mode, the Omega Dynamo of Devastation can be purchased for 171,000 bolts.


The Dynamo of Doom is a red and metallic pistol featuring a spherical barrel from which the orb is generated. It fires large, slow moving, floating electric orbs. The Dynamo of Devastation features a bulkier, bright red design with a bright blue magnetic coil at the back of the weapon.


The Dynamo of Doom fires a large hovering orb that rolls forward automatically, but can be steered by the player in any direction using the SIXAXIS feature if desired. It is very useful against both medium and small enemies in particular, as it can damage multiple targets at once within a fairly large area. While it is still useful against larger targets, it will deal damage slower than many other weapons such as the Negotiator or the Plasma Striker can on single targets.

The Dynamo of Doom is upgraded to the Dynamo of Devastation with use, which features a magnetic coil that pulls enemies towards it. This magnetizes the orbs, carrying opponents towards the orb and dealing more damage. However, it is ineffective against large enemies, meaning the weapon is still best used against groups of small or medium enemies.