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The Dynamo is a gadget manufactured by Megacorp in Going Commando. It is a green wrist-attached device that activates Dynamo triggers. These triggers operate pieces of machinery, normally deploying holographic platforms that Ratchet can jump on to traverse hard-to-reach places.

In Up Your Arsenal, the Dynamo is combined with the Swingshot as the Hypershot, which can activate Dynamo triggers.


Dynamo Trigger render

A Dynamo Trigger

The Dynamo when used activates the nearest Dynamo trigger, which in turn operates machinery. This normally creates a holographic platform that Ratchet can jump on, which may or may not move in the air from one set location to another. Dynamo triggers are featured on most planets, and can access some secret areas.

On Endako, the Dynamo can be used on the Game Pyramid in Clank's apartment to play the minigame Sheep Invaders.