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The Dual Vipers are a pair of twin submachine guns manufactured by Vox Industries in Deadlocked. They are dual-wielded pistols with a rapid rate of fire. Ratchet automatically starts with the Dual Vipers in DreadZone, and with use can be upgraded to the Dual Raptors. In challenge mode, they can be upgraded to the Mega Dual Raptors for 2,250,000 bolts.

The Dual Vipers are a pair of small submachine guns using nano-optic refire technology[1], and a small nozzle, with zero recoil when firing. The Dual Raptors are identical, with extra plating covering the barrel and top front of the gun. The Dual Raptors' bullets also ricochet around on various surfaces.


A very high rate of fire is the signature ability of the Dual Vipers, but in turn it lacks in damage output against the stronger foes (such as bosses, 70 millimeter Stalker Turrets, and executioners). Its single-target focus also makes it of marginal use against larger groups of medium-sized enemies, but it's still useful against smaller numbers and large groups of swarmer mobs. As it is acquired early on it quickly tends to fall out of use and become outclassed by other weapons in the late game, particularly due to the increasingly high numbers of strong enemies.

It comes with the Aiming Mod by default, without which it becomes a much harder weapon to use properly due to the lack of an automatic aiming function. The many Speed Mods also further boost the already high rate of fire, to possibly problematic levels as the ammunition capacity cannot keep up until more Ammo Mods are equipped. The Dual Raptors' ricocheting bullets have a homing effect and lower the need for Aiming Mods.

Due to weapons base attributes the best of the omega mods by far is the Shock Mod, any others generally rely on a higher damage output to be more efficient, whereas the Shock Mod functions properly even when a single bullet is fired, allowing you to kill a large swarm of very weak enemies with a single shot. Similarly this also makes it work decently well against other weaker enemies such as the cycloids which can appear in large swarms.

In the multiplayer game modes the Dual Vipers have a slower rate of fire, most likely to distinguish between the upgraded version of this weapon and the non-upgraded version along with balancing reasons.[citation needed]

Behind the scenes

The Raptor, a cut third upgrade form of the Dual Vipers.

The Dual Vipers feature a third upgrade as seen in the demo. This final form is not a dual-wielded weapon, but a fusion of the Dual Raptors that fired a single, but deadly beam.[citation needed]

Using the "Gangsta Guns" cheat makes Ratchet tilt the right-hand gun when he fires, emulating a gangster posture.

The Dual Vipers featured as a holocard in 2016 reimagining of Ratchet & Clank.