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The Dual Vipers are sure to please even the most hard-boiled weapons fanatics in the galaxy. The nano-optic refire technology and unparalleled ammo capacity promise a better tomorrow for all DreadZone contestants.

In-game description, DL

The Dual Vipers are a pair of weapons manufactured by Vox Industries in Deadlocked. They are dual wielded pistols which function as sub-machine guns, having a rapid rate of fire.

The Dual Vipers are available immediately as you start the game. With use, they can be upgraded to the Dual Raptors. In challenge mode, they can be upgraded to the Mega Dual Raptors for 2,250,000 bolts.


The Dual Vipers are small, rapid machine guns with a large magazine full of bullets and a small nozzle. When firing, they appear very similarly to a normal machine gun, with no visible recoil. The Dual Raptors appear near-identically, with a metal bulk at the top (presumably to guide the ricocheting bullets).


The Dual Vipers fire bullets rapidly at enemies. While the bullets do not individually deal heavy damage, the rate of fire allows the player to unload them on enemies quickly. This makes them very useful against mobs of smaller enemies, while still useful and cost-effective against medium-sized enemies. However, against bosses and larger enemies, they will deal damage much slower than many other weapons will. As a weapon acquired early on, it will also become outclassed by other weapons.

The Dual Vipers upgrade to the Dual Raptors, which fire blue holographic bullets which can ricochet off walls and enemies. However, they must be in close proximity to acquire a new target, and their ability to do so is based on the aiming mod equipped. As it gains levels from V1-10, it primarily provides aiming, ammo and speed mods, all three of which play to the core strengths of the weapon.

Later on, the Dual Vipers are less useful as a purely damaging weapon, as they rarely deal real damage to the enemies faced later. Instead, they are more useful for applying omega mods effects such as the brainwash mod, acid mod, and the morphing mod while conserving ammo.

In the Multiplayer game modes, the Dual Vipers have a slower rate of fire, most likely to distinguish between the upgraded version of this weapon and the non-upgraded version along with balancing reasons.

Behind the scenes

The Raptor (cut v3 form of the Dual Vipers)

The Dual Vipers feature a third upgrade as seen in the demo. This final form is not a dual-wielded weapon, but a fusion of the Dual Raptors that fired a single, but deadly beam.

Using the "Gangsta Guns" cheat makes Ratchet tilt the right-hand gun when he fires, emulating a gangster posture.

The Dual Vipers featured as a holocard in 2016 reimagining of Ratchet & Clank.

Sure to please even the most hard-boiled weapons fanatic in the galaxy. The nano-optic refire technology and unparalleled ammo capacity promise a better tomorrow for all Dreadzone contestants.

holocard Description, PS4

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