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Drophyd Cyclocannon

A Drophyd Cyclocannon firing

The Drophyd Cyclocannon was an two-wheeled tank with a rapid fire laser cannon that strafed the area in front of it. It was an operated by a Drophyd in a cockpit in between the two massive wheels. They often fell out the sky or hidden sections of the ceiling. While tough, destroying them gained the player a massive amount of Raritanium each time. The best way to take them out was to use a powerful, long range weapon such as the Predator Launcher in earlier levels and the Judicator in later levels.

Cyclocannons served Imperial Army on Planet Kortog, Rykan V and Reepor. Due their slow driving speeds, they appear to be used mainly for defensive purposes. Also due to their locomotion, they are only seen in areas with paved pathways.


  • Even if you were killed by these, they would still fire their cannon at you.
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