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Drone bots[1] are enemies in Up Your Arsenal. They are small, hovering robots that work for Dr. Nefarious, with three eyes, a thruster in place of legs, and a laser cannon in place of their right arm. They are fought during "Get inside command center" in the Nefarious BFG area on Koros, and during "Battle your way to the launch site" on Mylon.

Drone bots are small enemies that attack in swarms and can either warp in or glide down from heights. They fire laser cannons, which have a good range and deal decent damage, and also can be fired rapidly in a row. This makes them troublesome with their high numbers and small size, but they lack the armor to make up for their damage output. They can be taken out with ranged weapons that destroy multiple at once, such as the Plasma Coil, the Rift Inducer, or the Bouncer.

In multiplayer mode, the drone bots appear and have a different role. Drone bots are found throughout some maps, able to be called upon by a player, to fight alongside them as synthenoids. They are notably smaller in size and appears in groups of four, a single group can be taken along as suplemental firepower, or set to guard a specific area, such as a chokepoint, node or a flag.


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